Why adopt 1 iguana when you can adopt 2?

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Animals

             When someone put up an adoption plea to help find homes for their pets I could not resist taking in their iguanas. I would have loved to take their 3 dogs as well…but we’ve no room here and my husband gave me a firm “No”. The Previous owners are moving into an appartment and this have no rooms for their pets.

The Iguana in the top picture is 3 year old Nobby Nose, he got that name because he had a nob shaped nose when they got him. We’ve decided to rename him Garek because he looks a lot like Garek from Star Trek Deep Space Nine and we so totally have to go with a Star Trek Naming theme from now on. The Guy in the second picture is Doogie and he is 13 years old.

Garek is a feisty guy, he enjoys running amok but doesn’t like being held. We are going to work on that though by attempting t hold him daily. He’s still young and should mellow out. Doogie is more mellow and enjoys being held. However he does not like it if you raise your voice while holding him nor does he take kindly to being placed back in his cage. After letting him chill out on me for a few minutes I went to put him back and I got hissed at and got the tail slap, he then proceeded to sulk in the corner of his cage for a few minutes before deciding to climb to the top to nap. Both of them do like being pet though so I guess thats good 🙂

Iguanas are a big responsibility, I’ve been doing a lot of research on iguanas because for quite some time I have wanted to get one. I finally got my chance AND they came with all the stuff iguanas need. Iguanas eat veggies with some fruit so this means daily preparation of food as they have to eat it shredded. I have done my research and I am putting these guys on a proper diet.

I look forward to being a good Iguana owner, these guys will surely be spoiled.

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