Mother Nature is being Bipolar.

Posted: January 17, 2012 in disaster
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It is clear that if Mother Nature does exist it is obvious that only a female could take on such a role. Nobody has ever called it “Father” Nature likely because if men were able to control the weather it would always be that perfect comfortable temperature and weather conditions, it would probably only rain over night so men would be able to go out golfing…or fishing…or hunting…or whatever.

But no, it is clear that Nature is indeed female. Why? Most females can’t seem to make up their mind! I’ll even vouch that I cant even make up my mind most of the time, simple questions like “Where should we go for dinner?” confuse me and send me into chaotic spiral of hair pulling. And when we do know what we want we NEVER tell anyone!

Mother Nature has been having a bad bout of Bipolar this winter in Southern Ontario. I’m sure she’s all over the place too, infact today it’s raining where I live, snowing out west, down right tropical in the East and probably frozen somewhere in Canada (Yes I just said that, frozen SOMEWHERE not EVERYWHERE). The last two weeks alone have gotten us all wondering what the heck is up with the weather.

It all started with a green New Years followed by snow, followed by temperatures that melted all the snow. Then it snowed again, freezing rain followed, more snow, no snow, cold as hell, warm again, more snow…then it went from -22 celcius to 2 celcius in a matter of hours followed by rain which is occuring today and more cold temperatures tomorrow followed by snow then guess what? More rain! It’s January! It’s winter! And Mother nature can’t make up her damn mind.

Mother Nature is pissing everyone off. People can’t go skiing because it’s either too cold or too rainy. Ice is not safe because it keeps melting then freezing then melting then freezing. Snowmobilers take advantage of the night to go enjoy their snow mobiles because they know very well the next day will probably bring rain! Heck I actually saw people take their motorcycles out just last week durring that one lovely warm sunny day. The weather is so inconsistent we have all tossed out hands in the air and just gave up.

I’ve been wanting to write a storm blog for weeks and the only weather we get is small but annoying weather systems. No huge snowfall, no disasterous ice storms, not even a consistent thaw!  The Weather changes so much I actually had to include everyday in one disaster blog. I don’t know what the next day will bring, all I know is that after todays rain melts some of the snow it’s all going to freeze tomorrow making a nice jagged frozen slush mess. School buses get cancelled over 2 centimeters of snow because Mother Nature decides it’ll be fun to throw in some freezing rain before the snow hits…when I was a kid I was told to suck it up and go to school, I’m not even that old and I remember walking to school in 2 feet of snow. Then again I recall Toronto being shut down over a half foot of snow in 2008. Today if even the slightest weather occurs be it fog, sleet, a light dusting of snow, rain, even the sun, I find myself checking to see if school has been cancelled (I don’t go to school, I have a  daughter who is in Kindergarten).

Mother Nature, you are driving us all crazy. Thanks to you we can’t even put away seasonal clothing because it feels like we’re getting every season this winter. I might even have to wear shorts in February! Who knows? But if you don’t stop being Bipolar soon, I won’t have any awesome weather blog posts to write ><



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