A reflection of somewhat Lame New years eve parties.

Posted: December 26, 2011 in disaster

This time of year I hear everyone discuss their big new Years eve plans. Most involve going out to get drunk, some involve hitting up one of the many big events and others are similar to most of my New Year events…staying at home and relaxing.

I’ve always dreamed of attending one of the huge New Years eve bashes but alas I never have…perhaps I never will. But as we get closer to counting down yet another new year I just have to reflect on a few of the eventful bashes that I have had.

1998 When I was 10 and counting down 1998, my first ever countdown, I headed on over to my BFF’s house. Oh yeah, it was major Partay mode. We made popcorn, we watched Spiceworld, Grease and Southpark, we ate tonnes of junk and we counted down with our home made construction paper confetti. Party of the year right there…was I destoned to be a party animal?

2000 Well this stinks! But mostly for my older brother who counted down the new year with his little sister (Me) with our home made punched out confetti. End of the world? Not really…big dissapointment, hopefully 2012 delivers.

2003 My friend was throwing a huge house party! Ok, it was actually just 3 of us. We ate like 10 pounds of sugar, made a few prank calls, wandered around the neighbourhood for a bit then pulled an all nighter. And the next day I attended the Oshawa Generals Hockey game, because attending a Hockey game that’s sold out is a great idea after an all nighter. I was so Zombied out I even looked at my crush and smiled…three times. I looked stoned out of my mind, but I wasn’t…I might have been comming off a sugar crash though.

2004  Yet another big house party at my friend’s house. This time we added a member to the bash, Nick, who is now my husband. This time we ran amok Toilet Papering trees and egging houses. Yep so mature. The next day my Dad informed  me that the Highschool feild had been Toilet papered and I attempted to keep a strait face. “Me? I was at my friend’s house…why on earth would we go Toilet paper stuff?”

2005 Fireworks and teens. What could go wrong? Nick, a few friends and I spent our hard earned cash on Fireworks, had roman candle wars and lit the Highschool feild ablaze with fireworks at 11pm. The cops were called so we booked it and proceeded to Paint ball the neighbourhood. No worries though they were water soluble paint balls thus were washed away by the rain.

2006 This was the year Nick and I were destined to have a big bash. Problem was both of us were sick like dogs and I was 3 months pregnant. There was no count down, we passed out by 11pm.

2008 First new years bash at our new house. We had a few firnds over and had a huge party…ok no we didn’t, there was 4 of us and we played Dungeons and Dragons till Midnight then lit some fireworks. It was an awesome display though.

2009 Had a bit more friends over and we counted down the evening by watching some movies that were not released to Theater or DVD yet. They were geeky movies so it was another geek filled night…infact I actually have pictures of that evening..but I’ll post one because most of them are lame…note the fact we are junking out on Pop and chips…paaaaaartay!

2010 Did the same thing as 2009 with less people…

2011 Call of Duty Black Ops party! Because a few of our friends decided to stay home too. So we all got online, and played some Nazi Zombies.

So what about my plans for 2012? Well…it’s likely going to involve yet another lame at home party with plenty of junk food and video games. Have all my New years events been lame? Yep, pretty much? Am I satisfied? You net ya, I probably would not trade these lame count downs for the world. Best part of it all, no hang over in the morning because I don’t drink…also I’ll probably spend time with all the other at home people through Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. I’m not alone…lame Party Goers UNITE!




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