Friday Fail-The fame fail.

Posted: December 9, 2011 in disaster

Somedays, you’re seriously just not meant to be famous…or talented for that matter.

But what is every 7th grade girl’s dream? To be a super star of course. How does one become a super star? Well the school talent show duh!

Only one issue…other than making a fool out of myself, I had no talent. But my good friend Ashley was determined to enter the talent show and she sure as heck wasn’t going to do it alone. She needed a backup singer! She needed an idiot like me!

So we headed to Ash’s house to practice our songs. She chose to sing “No Scrubs” bt TLC and I chose “Beautiful Life” by Ace of Base…and just so everyone knows we used cassette tapes. That’s right, everytime we went to practice our song we had to rewind the damn tape! I’m surprised my Ace of Base tape even survived because it was one of 5 tapes I owned at the time so it got listened to a lot. The other 4 tapes I owned were songs I recorded off the radio. There was no MP3 downloading in my days, I didn’t even own a CD player until the 8th grade!

So there we were in the basement practicing our singing. “We kinda…can’t sing…” I muttered.

“Yeah I know…wanna lip sync the songs?” Ash replied.

“Yeah!” I said. Because Lip Syncing is so cool. All the cool kids lip Sync. So we practiced lip syncing, we made up a few random dance moves and we were good to go! We were going to knock everyone’s socks off.

When it was our turn to perform our melodious lip sync we went up on the stage with smiles. Belive it or not three other kids totally did lip syncing before us so obviously lip syncing was the best thing since sliced bread. We sang “Beautiful life” First and it’s a shame I didn’t just grab the microphone and sing it anyway because I’m convinced I had mastered it from the thousand times I sang it in my bedroom. But there was no last second microphone grabbing, I just stood there as stiff as a board with only my mouth moving. I think I may have swayed back and forth a few times though like a penguin. Durring our second song we got booed by the boys…well of course we did, we were singing “No Scrubs” and those boys weren’t even old enough to be scrubs yet! A friend of ours in the front row kept making hand gestures which I finally figured out meant “Dance damnit!” about half way through the song so I started to dance…thank God nobody got this on film!

We finished our song, got off the stage and my optimistic friend said “I think we did good!”

Yeah…I’m thinking I’m just glad we never pulled this stunt in highschool >< And I don’t think our talent really got discovered.


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