November Geek Report

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Geek
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Greetings fellow Geeks! Another month has come and gone and GASP! It’s December! That means nerdy Christmas gifts! That means from this point on my husband will have me on a short leash (No not an actual leash…although I have been dragged by my hoodie out of stores a few times) as we shop for the last of our gifts. I only have a few more things to buy and that would be the gaming group secret santa gift and some stocking stuffers (he wants explosives a.k.a fireworks) for the husband. And naturally I will be giving hints on what I want to my husband as we shop. For the most part I’ve asked my friends to do charitable acts on my behalf but my husband is a different story…if he’s getting fireworks then I’m getting something nerdy that I likely don’t really need. I will be sure to include my adventures in my December report but for now I have November’s to write. Happy Christmas shopping everyone!

Geek Purchases:

I could not resist purchasing this set of See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil dragons. These are much cooler than a set of monkeys AND it’s quite obvious these dragons are lying. Seriously what Red Dragon doesn’t speak evil? These dragons may look inocent but I can guarantee they are not…which makes them even more cute! I’m certain in a few years my living room and office will be filled with dragons. And when they come out with country themed dragons I’m sure my kitchen will fill up too.

Zombie 101

#49 planting sunflowers in your garden will not keep zombies off your lawn.

#2 Limber up, those out of shape get chowed down on first.

#15 if you plan on staying in one particular place for a long time be sure to make the place look as if it has been ransacked by throwing stuff out on the front lawn. Zombies are easy to avoid, it’s the raiding survivors you need to worry about.

Call of Duty Noob adventures

Sitting Duck: I happen to be one of those people who stand around in the middle of an open area. Because I’m ADD I have a 10 second attention span so my eyes don’t seem to find other players…however they have a very easy time finding me unless I go explore indoors (Where I tend to get knifed alot). Most noobs eventually learn to go hide behind vehicles and walls…I have yet to learn. If I’m being shot at I have 2 options, find out who’s shooting at me or Duck! I do neither. If you read my last COD noob confession you will know that I never pay attention to the map in the corner of the screen AND I also don’t duck and cover, I just stand there like a totall idiot. Then when I die I giggle “Wow…I suck!” I laugh even more if I manage to actually kill someone. The fact that I can now kill people means I’m getting better…but it seems I really need to work on ducking when I’m under fire…or actually LOOK at the map to see where the bullets are coming from.


Top 10 Google+ geeks for November.

Linda Baxter

Micheal Beckett

Jeremy Hodges

Jemini Decipticon

Adam Dray

Josh Rogner

Christopher Puppe

Adam Minnie

Marcin J. S

Emily Vitori

Thankyou everyone for being so awesome!

Top Twit Geeks

Must add new geeks to twitter…running out of new geeks…but I’ll mention you for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time anyway because you know I love you! 😛











November Nerd Pics

Pictures that gave me a giggle in the month of November.

Gaming News

We have resumed Silver Age Sentinels and are quite literally battling…sentinels >< Our characters are just students BUT we have been dealing with major issues. We seem to be the first to find out about master plans when it comes to resurecting the 4 horsemen of the appocalypse. But on top of dealing with the Horsemen there are Sentinels everywhere wrecking havoc on earth keeping the epic superheroes busy. All this of curse occured over Christmas break and our group literally skipped out on Christmas. We were sent (More like demanded to go) to the Moon to rescue Superman’s Daughter. Amazingly this was an easy feat, we walked in undetected, we teleported her out, tossed her in a dimentional bag, ran like hell, jumpped on the jet/ spaceship, placed the spaceship into the other demention and we again ran like hell! But mission was successful AND not a scratch on any of us for once.  Communications are down and we are now trying to figure out whats going on. The first two groups who went to investigate are missing so we are probably doomed…but it sounds like fun so our group is investigating. And have I mentioned I’m the worst party leader EVER?

Pathfinder: We are now creating characters for a Pathfinder campaign. My husband decided to DM Pathfinder (after I convinced him of course). I am looking forward to this campaign as I’ve only played in 2 Pathfinder sessions. I Really love the system and my gal pal Sam will be joining us as well, she’s a new gamer and I pulled her over to the dark side muwahahaha…yes we have cookies, and chips, pop, candy etc. I will be playing a Gnome Druid and because we are playing Fable hero style we all got a special item handed down to us so I chose a dragon as an animal companion and the DM allowed it (He’s my husband, I get my way because he loves me!). I can’t wait till this campaign starts up ^^

And that’s about it for Geek news in my life! Have a safe and happy Holiday season everyone!


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