Friday Fail-You’re a Mean one Mr. Grinch…

Posted: December 5, 2011 in disaster
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I wrote this blog last Friday and it decided not to post…but here it is…Friday Fail Christmas edition.

Grade 9 and I’m put in charge of the Christmas home room door decoration. Grade 9 and I really just wanted to please my friends…so they put me up to decorating my door with a picture of The Grinch wearing a hockey jersey with the number 18 on it…

Let me begin with the significance of The Grinch and the number 18.

There was this guy at our school, we’ll call him Nathan because that’s actually his name. One of my friends had a crush on this Nathan guy, myself and the rest of our circus clique did not particularily like Nathan because we thought he was rather stuck up and arrogant. Nathan was (And still is) a Hockey player and he wore the Number 18 on his jersey…and he still wears the number 18…for the Boston Bruins >< Oh and he looks like the Grinch too…he didn’t get that nick name because of his attitude.

So I madly drew a picture of the Grinch, added a Jersey, colored the jersey Red and white (Team colors! Red White and Blue) Added the number 18, put the picture on the door and looked back and marveled at my creation that actually really sucked. But my class thought it was cute “Awww he’s wearing a football jersey!” >< My class never really understood my motives.

The bell rang for lunch, I caught up with my friends in the school feild and got smacked (and I think shoved a few times…I was in an abusive friendship situation). “Oh myyy Gawd! How could you!? He saw that door decoration and he’s pissed! You are such a B****! He thinks we did it! You better go and say sorry to him!”

“But you guys dared me to…”

“Shut up! And don’t show your face around the ramp anymore! You think we actually meant what we said? We were joking and your dumb enough to actually go and do it!” (I really should have taken that advice and stayed away from the back of the school…it would have saved me 2 years of embarassing moments)

I went home wimpering, feeling bad…I stayed away from the back of the school for a total of 2 days, my friends forgave me, and I was nice enough to cover the number 18 with a snowflake.  But the damage had been done, Nathan had seen the creation and knew it resembled him. He wasn’t being the Grinch…I was. I have yet to appologize him…but he called me names in grade 10 so we’ll just call it even. Sometimes I wonder if he knew I was fully responsible.

All I wanted to do was fit in and be the group clown and I failed. But for some odd reason, Nathan Horton will always be the Grinch in my heart. He looked like the Grinch when he was 16 and he still looks like the Grinch today. See for yourself in the pictures below.

And on the bright side…I got to cross “Get insulted by famous person” off my bucket list 🙂


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