10 things I learned from living in a hick town.

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Welcome to Norwood Ontario, a small humble town just East of Peterborough. Population 4000ish (Even though the sign says 1300). Rock Stars are born here, the sign in the picture above proves it. Norwood is also home to the J.J Stewart Vipers hockey team, The Norwood Fall fair which is one of the biggest fall fairs in Ontario (For a small town that is) and me, because I live here.

Before moving to Norwood I was a City Slicker. I’ve lived the city life my entire life. But we made the big move, bought a house and for 4 years now we have been residents of small town life. And over the course of these 4 years I have learned a lot about small town dwellin’


1. Country Raccoons are far worse than City coons. City Coons meander around on garbage night and make little annoying holes in your trash so they can pick at the food in the bags. Country Coons are known to pulverate your trash. On a nice hot summer night they go house to house and rip open the bags along the side of the road leaving trash EVERYWHERE! I have learned a great lesson, after picking up ALL the garbage from the middle of the road and not seeing the original Garbage bag in sight (They must take the bag too for their nest or something) I now take the trash out in the morning.Now I’m sure City coons can terrorize the trash as well…but I bet you don’t see every single bag down your road mangled as bad as yours and ALL your neighbours cursing.

2. In the City people honk their car horns at you if you are good looking, too slow crossing a road or just out of sheer boredom. In Small towns people honk at you because they actually KNOW you. Took me a while to get used to this but now even if I might not know the person I wave anyway just incase.

3. You can walk into a store in the city, buy your stuff quickly and get out. In a Small town be prepared to meet at least 3 people you know and spend a long time standing around socializing. It is very hard for me to enter our local grocery store and not find someone to socialize with.

4. In the City people dress to the hils to go shopping. In the Country people will walk into a store in dirty overalls and muddy boots.

5. In the City people worry about their kids. In the Country we know that if our kids do something stupid or are in danger SOMEONE will notify you. In small Knit communities everyone knows who your kids are.

6. When Crime happens it comes as a big shock.

7. Rumors spread faster than Farmer Joe spreadin Manure on his feild.

8. There are petting zoos 5 minutes in any direction. To the North you can take your kids to go pet cows, To the South there are horses, To the East there are Sheep and to the West there are chickens and all in walking distance from the center of town.

9. If the Zombie appocalypse were to strike people in small towns fare better than city folk. Every other house has a generator, every other house probably has firearms and 50% of the towns people know how to hunt or fish…also we’re surrounded by farms, aint nobody going hungry.

10. Don’t bash other people who live in the town, there’s a  high chance that the person you are talking to is either friends with that person or related to that person. When people complain about me it 9 times out of 10 somehow gets back to me…same goes for the times I vented about others >< Lessons learned.

I absolutely love living the small town life. I’m a hick and proud of it…I have witnessed goats on passenger seats of cars, I have seen my neighbour shoot raccoons, I’ve seen people park their tractors to go shopping, I’ve seen all sorts of crazy small town stuff. But to me, it’s all normal.

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