Friday Fail-Run Away! Run Away!

Posted: November 10, 2011 in disaster

I have officially renamed my Disaster Friday…Friday Fail because it sounds better. And Yes I am aware that it is Thursday (This just means I’m ahead)

Anyways back to good old Grade 9.

There was one thing I really hated doing when I was in grade 9 and that was meeting up with my friends at lunch time. While it’s nice meeting up with pals at lunch I hated meeting up because of their selected meeting place designation. I shouldn’t complain, I was lucky to even have friends to talk to in 9th grade despite how goofy they (And I) were.

My friends met up in back of the school on top of the wheel chair ramp…the top of the ramp was the jock meeting place as well. We occupied a spot on the ramp and they stood on the floor beside the ramp. Needless to say we were standing close to the guys. These weren’t just any guys, these were Ontario Hockey League hockey players…some of them (Okay one of them) actually made it big and now plays in the NHL. And here we were, team idiocity, boldly standing near their space. Talk about attention seeking.

My friends were brave, bold, maybe even sometimes overly obnoxious. I could be obnoxious too but only in large crowds surrounded by loud people (Or when I’ve consumed caffiene). I guess I was a little brave too, for someone who suffers from Anxiety Disorder. When I stood on that ramp I felt like a Chihuaua surrounded by Great Danes at the dog park. I was a little shaky yippy poor excuse for a dog. I was nervous, embarassed and just wanted to run home for lunch. I knew that the hockey team disliked us, I mean they verbally told us they disliked us! They told us to get lost, scram, take hikes and we just stood there thinking “Nah they like us!” I’m looking back and nooooo they didn’t but they were cool with the extra attention. (They so totally LOVED us! Just not in a dating sorta way…we had zero chance in that department.)

One day we all met up. My friends had been attanding the hockey practices (LAME) without me. I wasn’t at all interested in going. Anyways here I am minding my own business, purposely having my back turned and NOT giving any eye contact to any of the guys. That’s because the guy I was crushing on was standing there. If he wasn’t standing with them I all of a sudden had this boldness and I would hark back at any of their comments towards me or my friends. But this day he was standing there so I was doing my best to act invisible.

Then I heard his voice…I froze. He was asking my friend if she was coming to the practice. My face went pale…all the blood rushed out “Omg…Omg…omg He’s talking to us!” I could not move. But then my instinct kicked in, I turned towards the door, started to walk “Going home for lunch, see you!” I ran out that door so fast, ran home and promptly asked my mom if it was ok to go to the practice after school. YEAH he asked us! Obviously I was included!

I got back to school acting all cool. Big smile on my face. I met my friends. “So…can I come?”

“Yeah…and um you do know he was about to ask you if you were coming and you booked it!” One of my friends replied. “Actually it was freaking priceless! He just stood there looking dumbfounded while you ran down the ramp!”

My face turned red…”I’m still going…”

And I did. Ice capp in one hand, box of Tim Bits in the other. I went acting all cool as if NOTHING had happened. I play oblivious well, it’s a talent I have. We watched the guys show off…I mean they had an audience and it didn’t matter how idiotic their audience was they were satisfied. And yes, I got stared down by multiple team mates so they probably got wind of me running away with my tail tucked between my legs…but I just sat there acting all cool…stuffing my face with Tim Bits, literally, I had at least 5 in my mouth at the time.

And to this day I will always remember this incident and I will be eternally grateful that energy drinks did not exist at that time because I dread thinking of actually having the guts to walk up and talk to my crush ><



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