When God Convicts you-LISTEN

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Faith
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I work from home on my computer and during the quiet times of work I end up on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. I end up social networking 4 or more hours a day. And here’s what my social networking looks like (Or looked like as I got a push to change).
Facebook: I have Christians from Church on my facebook as well as family and children…so naturally my facebook is toned down, does not contain garbage and is rarely used for nagging. I find I don’t have much to nag about these days so when I do I try to lighten it up by looking on the Brighter side of life. On Facebook I am the encourager, the jester, the one who updates family on things…my statuses consist of what my daughter or dog are up to.  Oh and I play a few games and endure some people’s garbage statuses (And by garbage I mean needless  vents, needless confrontations, and way too much info)

Twitter: I started twitter to stalk celebrities and write random funny tweets. Then I realized there were tonnes of Christians on Twitter so I started to follow as many as I could. I got sucked in to paying attention to the amount of followers I had. If I had more followers then I was a somebody. If I had more retweets and comments then I was a somebody. I began to use my twitter to glorify myself. It wasn’t about raising awareness anymore or encouraging others it was about “Look at me! I’m AWESOME!” Instead of blessing I started cursing…mainly celebrities. Why not? Everyone else is doing it! I mean they are celebrities, they make tonnes of money and they do silly things thus they deserve to be made fun of! I have over 600 twitter followers, thats 600 people that I could potentially be an influence to. What’s my influence? “Sunday I went to Church…yay Jesus!…Eww Justin Bieber is a moron! Harry Potter is better  than Twilight! Wooo kicking some ass in Call of Duty! Went to volunteer at Kid’s club at church tonight. Ugh seriously, can I not get someone who speaks English when I call Bell Canada? ZOMG I want this and that and this!…” (I didn’t delete any of my past tweets so if you want to go have a look at just how confused and misleading I am my twitter tag is @gnomedruid) And I won’t even get into what’s on another account that I run…I made one for a Plastic Red Dragon Figurine and 50% of the tweets are pure filth…that’s me misleading over 300 people. I have the control to keep those tweets clean and I failed…I got sucked in. And I know that if I tone it down some people will get mad…people like the filth and raunchy humor-but this humor has been pulling me down for far too long. I have a serious issue. And it’s due time I face that issue. I’m going to have close friends try to change my mind…but my message to you is to just allow me clean up my act because I’m becomming a bitter person and I’m terrified of who I might become. And if I fall back to old habits…by all means call me on it! I need that!

Google+: the majority of people who have “Circled” me are geeks. Google+ is where I put my geek content so I don’t litter facebook with it. There is nothing wrong with being geeky and I do have a few Christian Gamers and geeks on my google+ but I can use google+ for more than just Super heroes and Dungeons and Dragons…but I’m too afraid to mention Christianity because there are atheists following me waiting to attack. But what should I be afraid of? Looking like a fool?

This Blog: Why am I ashamed to blog about testimony, faith, doctrine? Why am I afraid to come out and admit that Jesus Christ is my hero, my saviour, my life is so amazing with him in it, I’ve had God experiences, I see the world with different eyes…why am I afraid to blog the gospel? A year ago I blogged every sermon my pastor did…why don’t I now?

Why am I blogging this now? Because God gave me a nice big shove. One that I have needed for a very long time. I’m in Kid’s Ministry, but my private life is full of filth and trash. This trash has been pulling me down, making me bitter, making me be just like everyone else. I can’t go put my kid ministry face on every Sunday and Wednesday then go home and live the motions. I can’t go to Church anymore, listen to the sermon but not apply it. I just can’t do it! I need to step out and take action, I need to find people to check up on me, I need to start living less for me and More for Him! I can’t go and give anyone advice until God Cleans up my act. And Today, God spoke and I finally payed attention.

So to all my Christian Brothers and Sisters out there-know this. When God convicts you, don’t turn your back. Listen and take action. To those of you who don’t Know Christ, it’s actually not as complicated as “Religion” makes it out to be. To those of you who think people within churches are holier than thou…we’re not, we go there because we are broken and wounded not because we have it all together. To those of you who think Religion is about Do’s and Don’ts and control…God gave everyone free will and when you love Jesus following these so called rules just come naturally. The Gospel is for EVERYONE…every Nation, every tribe every tounge. Christians can’t keep the word to themselves and stop “Pestering” non believers because the word tells us to go out and spread it…it’s not meant for closed doors, it’s meant for all who are willing to listen! God loves you-no matter how messed up you are. He’s fixing me so I know that anything is possible ❤


  1. Johan says:

    I had a similar experience and agree with what you said. btw, I’m following you on twitter as Sethiroph.

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