Disaster Friday-Goodie Two Shoes

Posted: November 3, 2011 in disaster

Yes I know, It’s not Friday yet but I don’t care I’m posting this early anyway. (Better than not posting it at all, I missed a few Fridays)

It was a nice sunny spring day, I was in grade 10 and my friends encouraged me to join them in playing hooky. Yes, we were going to ditch class and head off somewhere to hang out. Who wants to be stuck in class anyway on a nice sunny afternoon?

“Come on Jess, you’ve never even had a detention so if you get caught you’ll get like your first warning…ever.” My friend said as she tried to convince me to ditch class. I was dead set on attending my Geography class, I mean, My teacher would obviously miss me! I thought for a while…my friends were being persistent. If I didn’t go with them I’d be deemed a coward and a bad friend.

So I went.

And it felt good walking down the road towards McDonalds. Yeah, we were skipping class and going to McDonalds to grab some food. Nobody seemed to care that 4 teens were meandering on the streets durring school hours. We even managed to get my friend, who was in the 8th grade to skip class and join us.

“What if a teacher sees us?” I asked. I was starting to sound worried. I was annoying my friends with my worry.But I kept remembering that time one of my classmates got caught by the principal in a plaza. He got suspended for his endeavor.

“We’re going to the beach! Seriously, you think a Teacher will be down by the freaking beach?” They were right, there would be nobody hanging out down by the lake. So I shrugged and went along even though I was still thinking of missing my Geography Class. Did I have to skip Geography? Why Geography? Why not Math? I don’t even know what class I had after Geography…it might have been English but I do recall missing out on Geography.I wasn’t going to learn about Europe that day.

So we went to the beach, threw rocks in the water, two of my friends were dumb enough to go for a swim in their clothes >< The lake is quite cold in May. They challenged each other to see how far they’d go and my 8th grade friend tripped and fell in.

So we walked home with two soaked and cold friends. I had gotten away with skipping the afternoon. This was the first time in my life that I skipped classes. I felt bad to the bone.

I walked into my house. Sat down on the couch, then I looked at my mom…”Mom…we skipped afternoon classes” and started to cry with guilt! I had my mom call the school with some excuse that I wasn’t there and my friends weren’t even missed. I could have gotten away with skipping class but nooo I caved in and had to admit it to my mom.

And this is how I got the nick name “Goodie Two shoes.” Because no matter how bad I tried to act, deep down inside I was too pure.



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