Steam Punk Halloween Costume from stuff in the closet? It can be done!

I had no clue what to be for halloween so I started to rummage through my closet. Certainly I’d find SOMETHING. I paired an oversized green dress with a green jacket that I had…low and behold I also had a corset that barely fits me (I’m skinny and I don’t have a large enough rack) so I threw that over top my creation and voila I was on the path to something steam Punkish. Or at least that’s what I thought when I paired everything up. All I needed was goggles, because most steam punk outfits need cool goggles!

For those of you who do not know what “Steampunk” is here’s a deffinition and a few pics to go with the deffinition: a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machines and other technology based on steam power of the 19th century and taking place in a recognizable historical period or a fantasy world. 

I searched costume shops from top to bottom and could not find goggles anywhere.  I gave up and went to my hardware store to buy safety goggles and found a pair of welding goggles. Who would have known a hardware store could have steam punk looking goggles? I was quite happy and skipped home to boast about my awesome find.

I threw on a broach, a necklace and hairsprayed the hell out of my hair and had had myself an okay steampunk style costume. Only problem was nobody in my town knew what the heck I was nor did they understand the term “Zeplin Pilot” >< Seriously, who the heck doesn’t know what a Zeplin is? But in total, my outfit cost a grand total of $12 which is VERY cheap for Steam Punk.

Cthulhu Pumpkin

Just thought I’d share a pic of my masterpeice…yeah I know, it’s not that good, and I admit it took me a whole 10 minutes to carve but I can try right?

Top Twitter Geeks:











Top 10 Google+ geeks

Alright as promised, here are some awesome people who I “circle” on Google+, using actual names so a bit different than twitter. If you are a geek I highly recomend finding these people on google+, they all have great posts and 100% social.

Scott Duffy

Steven Arebalo

Frank Sheers

Jason Beardsley

Robert Muhlig

Mathew Hoy

Carl Bussler

Jason Gaffney

Robert Oglozinski

*Theres so many more awesome peeps I want to add to my top 10 ^^ so more to come next month!

Zombie 101

#45 Don’t go searching for loved ones…unless you honestly can’t live without them and you’d commit suicide if you lost them. If you are that emo about losing loved ones…it won’t be an issue when it turns out that they are zombies and they end up eating your brains.

#127 Plan routes to pretty much everything. Have spare time in your day? Take out a map and look for great places to camp out durring a zombie appocalypse. It’s fun, educational and if the zombie appocalypse doesn’t happen you’ll at least have some geography knowledge and know a few good spots to take the family on camping trips.

Black Ops Noob file:

I can’t read that damn map in the corner of the screen. This drives everyone nuts because apparently I’m supposed to pay attention to it to know which direction the enemy is. Been playing a few months now and I still don’t look at that little map. I’m living proof that sterotypically…women can’t read maps. But I do ask for directions 😀


Still playing Deadlands. Our group finally had a death in the party. Our soldier who scrutinizes EVERYTHING decided not to scruitinize the door for once and blew herself up quite nicely. Our Priest could not fix her this time ><. Now we have a new party member, a Souix native warrior who found himself in Nevada. Our new member can barely speak english so it’s making for a very intersting scenario. My character still doesn’t see ghosts, demons and spirits so she thinks everyone is nuts still. Our party is on their way to the mountains to go prospecting for a mineral known as ghost rock. Hopefully nobody else will explode.


Geek Wants:

Wizards is releasing a new D&D Dragon Miniature set for $45 and I really want it! I’m liking how the miniatures look, however, the Blue Dragon looks a lot like the Blue Dragon from the 3.5 miniature starter set. Other than that they look great. The set is now available and all 5 Chromatic dragons are in the limited edition box set. I’m not sure how big these dragons are going to be but even if they are all the size of my other medium and large dragon minis $45 is still a decent price for this collection. I paid $20 for the Brass and Gold Dragon miniatures that I own so shelling out $45 for a whole set is a steal!


And that’s all I have for October. Keep on geeking everyone 🙂



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