Giving 15 Kids a Christmas

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Faith, Family
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What would you do if you didn’t get anything for Christmas as a child? What if you never had Christmas? What if you didn’t even know what Christmas was?

This is the reality for Millions of Children world wide. While we get together with family for Holiday festivities, have a nice meal, open gifts, enjoy a work free day there are millions of kids out there who do not get a single thing for Christmas. There are children who would feel blessed if they got something as small as a single pair of socks for Christmas.

So what happens when out of nowhere and from the hearts of complete strangers some of these kids get something. And not just anything but a little shoe box filled with lots of goodies like school supplies, toys, soap, games etc? A huge wave of gratitude happens.

Every year people around the world fill up shoeboxes full of goodies to send to nations where children might not even know what Christmas is. Last Year Operation Christmas Child collected over 8 million boxes and sent volunteers to hand deliver each box to children in various places of the world. Some go to Africa, Asia, South and Central America, to cities and well as remote villiages.

So this year I thought that I would bless 15 children. The idea came to me when I was reading about a few people who do charitable acts each Christmas season on behalf of all their friends. I decided I’d give it a try. I discovered OCC when I was in grade 11 and my class got the opportunity to fill a show box. Ever since I have enjoyed filling shoeboxes. And this year I challenged my self to 15 boxes which will be sent out on behalf of 15 friends. I have already had a few friends decide to return the deed and send a box on my behalf which is amazing because I would LOVE to see OCC spread like wild fire.

Filling a shoe box is quite simple and doesn’t cost too much money. Each box costs $7 to send. And you can fill a shoe box for about $10…or even less if you hit up back to school deals where stuff costs 25 cents. I began my shopping adventures in July where I started to collect a few toys, I took advantage of back to school deals in August, collected a few more things in September and finished the last of my shopping now, which is near the end of October. Slowly buying things is my trick to a successful shoe box fill.

Above are some of the filled shoeboxes. Shoeboxes will bless kids in the 2-4 , 5-9, 10-14 year old age group and you can pick to send to either a boy or a girl. The Collection week this year is November 14th-18th and you can find a drop off location by checking out the website.

Normally I keep most of my charitable deeds to myself as I have grown up knowing that it’s best not to boast. Hopefully I’m not boasting…trying hard not to. I hope that I can be a good example to others and that acts of kindness such as these spread. Anyone can start off small or big and I guarantee that there is so much reward in doing this! Every Spring when I see the reports of Shoebox delivery I get teary eyed because there is just so much authentic gratitude in those kids faces and lives are literally changed over something as simple as a shoe box filled with stuff. Things we take for granted, things that most kids who have a traditional Christmas would just toss aside.

I feel pretty excited right now because I JUST finished filling the boxes, but I can only imagine the excitement that the kids recieving these boxes are going to feel. I’d give anything to feel their level of joy. And to the 15 people who on behalf I am sending out these boxes, I bet your pretty excited too…and probably won’t miss getting hand cream or something like that from me this year.

I also want to send out a HUGE thankyou to all those awesome people who donated stuff or funds for my boxes, it was a huge help and because of you I was able to jam pack those boxes. I’m almost tempted to do more but I’m holding back so I can dedicate time and money to a few other acts of  kindness 🙂

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