Norwood Fall Fair Part 2

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Family, Farming
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Time for some Fall Fair fun! And I got to go twice this weekend, once with my parents and today because I was bored and thought it would be a great idea to meander around the fair grounds.

After dropping $40 on Ride tickets, Aurora and I went on some Carnival ride adventures. All day ride passes would be so awesome but they do not sell them which is very unfortunate. But Norwood still boasts of having one of the biggest Fall Fairs around. $40 got us on a total of  7 rides. We went on the Scrambler, Himalayan (The ride pictured above) the Fire Truck, Swings, Dragon Coaster, Obstacle course and flying Elephants. My Daughter was JUST tall enough for the scrambler and Himalayan and those were the two rides she had most fun on. My kid is definitely a little thrill seeker. I see Canada’s Wonderland Passes in the near future.

After the rides my daughter played a game. $5 wins you a cheap prize but I’ve seen worse quality prizes. She played the fishing game where you get the fish with a magnet on the end of a line. She was more happy to play the game than win a prize.

We then went and walked around, looking at a few crafts. We Grabbed a bite to eat, went on a few more rides and then headed home.

Day 2 at the fair was more eventful, although we did not go on any rides. It was a day to go out and enjoy the sights of the fair. Plus the Park in Town happens to be located within the fair grounds and I really wanted to take my daughter to the park as it was such a beautiful day. So we headed on over to the fair grounds. We checked out the Heavy Horse pull where big Belgians and Clydesdales  pull heavy loads as far as they can go. They were up to 7000 lbs when we showed up and some horses were able to pull them about 15 feet. The Horses are always rearing to go and really seem to enjoy the work. Draft horses are absolutely gorgeous and they put on a wonderful show.

Above the Horses pull cement blocks.

The Precision Horse team was also in attendance putting on a show. Young riders performed by getting their horses to walk in pattern. It was like a synchronized dance with Horses.

And what’s a fall fair without a petting zoo? The bunnies were being handled so much and I actually felt bad for them. This year there were no baby chickens for the kids to handle. My daughter was gentle with the baby bunny and they were quite content being handled. They did not freak out at all. There were also Miniature horses, Llamas, pigs, goats etc to pet.

Aurora went and got her face painted and got a balloon animal for free. She was quite happy with the Rainbow and Butterfly on her face. I grabbed myself a Wrap from the Wrap-it-up-and-go booth (Our local and most favorite fast food joint) and then we headed over to the park.

Aurora played at the park while I ate my wrap. Behind her in the baseball field there were helicopter rides. For an 8 minute ride I think it cost $70. But I’m sure that whoever went for the short ride felt it was worth it! I would have LOVED to see my little town from the sky.

We then went to have a look at the crafts and fall fair entries. There were HUGE pumpkins as well as tonnes of other really neat entries.

There was also this really cool owl! We got to pet the owl. 🙂

We had a wonderful day at the Norwood Fall Fair. It was time well spent. And on the way home we came across a rare vehicle. An actual working Chevette! A red Chevette! I was in so much shock I just had to take a picture of the car as proof that Chevettes are still on the road! :O



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