Ding Dong! Avon Lady!

Posted: October 11, 2011 in random

When my friend asked me to sign up for Avon I automatically just agreed. Yeah sure, why not? I order enough Avon for it to be worth signing up! For the cheap price of $10 I would have all that I needed to sell Avon and have it delivered right to my door. Kind of like Melaleuca but cheaper and more product…and no chance of having insufficient funds in the bank when payment comes out. So I signed up on a cold Saturday afternoon then bounded home with my Avon package filled with Brochures. I Ran into the house and happily exclaimed to my Husband “I’m officially an Avon Lady!”

“Oh yay! Something else for you to spend money on!” He said. Obviously kidding. He is blessed with a frugal Wife who shops deals, who will hunt down that marked down meat every morning, who will snatch up free or used clothes over buying from stores…me the person who rarely buys stuff for myself.

“Oh shut up! Just be happy they don’t have door to door geeky merchandise that I could sell because I would be my best customer.” I replied. Also true, if there was a brochure that I could order Comic books, Super Hero Posters, Dragons, gaming stuff etc from…we would be broke. Everyone has a weakness and mine is comic book store merchandise.

I signed up for Avon right before the start of Christmas shopping. And I happen to be one of those crazy early bird shoppers. I have my gifts bought and wrapped by November. Last year I put my tree up after trick or treating and started to wrap gifts! My small tree is waiting in the basement, garbage bag over it with all decorations on it. And after Halloween, she’s coming out of storage. And I already have a hoard of Avon bought gifts under it.

I looked at my husband “Let me put it to you this way. I order over $100 in merchandise, I get 40% off, I don’t have to hit up the mall, you don’t want me to run amok at Wal-Mart and if I’m lucky I might even get customers and make money!” I did get customers. My mom, my mom in law, and two people who work at the Library. Plus I signed a friend up so I’m on my way to leadership. Now to just con 4 more souls into doing Avon and I am all set.

The First boxes (Yes Boxes) of Avon arrived and my husband brought them in, he gave me the look. The rolling eyes “You are insane” look. I have not done a good job unless I get that look from him. He opens the boxes to hundreds of little creams, perfumes, makeup etc and glares at me. I jump up and sort my stuff, carefully organizing it to it’s recipient. Most of it is Christmas gifts, and there are more to come. My Sisters are getting madly spoiled this year.

But despite my Avon excitement I still don’t see myself as Avon Lady type. Then again neither was my friend who signed me up. Black clothes, skulls galore, pentagram, black Nail polish, the Nursing home refers to her as the Grimm reaper…yep that’s who signed me up. And when she was told to start presenting Avon she caught me off guard big time. “Holy CRAP! You’re wearing makeup! And a light blue Shirt! Who are you?” Avon transformed her and now it’s going to transform me too…if only I liked the clothing line. Sigh* you know, I wish there was an Avon product line for Rockers/punks/goths/emos/bikers. As much as I try to avoid going back to my high school ways, I still can’t resist the look of punky rock bling or an edgy look. I am now the Avon lady with pink hair. I’m a T-shirt and Jeans type of lady and I wear Leather Biker jackets. And yet here I am in front of a mirror going “Okay…apply makeup Avon style.” I finally passed and no longer look like a clown! Success! I can do this…Avon can transform me.

Which brings me to the skin care line. The label says “Look ten years younger!” Hmm. Well if that’s the case if I start applying this stuff I should look like a 10 year old in a month or two (Everyone keeps mistaking me for a teenager). But joking aside, it’s never too early to reduce skin damage so I started to use the skin care line on my face. So far so good, now I just need to keep it up. Avon actually does boast of having a phenomenal skin care line. AND best of all I don’t have to have a green facial mask for this stuff to work! This makes my husband sad as he was hoping to see me with a white towel wrapped around my head, green gook all over my face with cucumber slices on the eyes. Well too bad for him!

So, alas, my Avon adventures begin. And I promised that after Christmas I would not order as much…hopefully I can keep this promise. Hopefully I won’t start Christmas Shopping in January. Maybe it isn’t the best thing to give myself ideas ><


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