Wagon Wheels to Ferris Wheels-The Norwood Fall Fair

Posted: October 8, 2011 in Animals, Family, Farming
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It’s Fall and that means small towns all over Canada have their annual Fall Fair festivities. Small towns all over Ontario celebrate the harvest by hosting Fairs, and one of the biggest and most popular of these fairs for a small town is the Norwood Fall Fair which is held every year on Thanksgiving weekend. Norwood has a population of approximately 4000 people (Although the sign says 1300) And every October thousands of visitors flock to this small town in Peterborough County to attend the Fair.

The Fair kicks off with a parade on Saturday at Noon, although the fair grounds open earlier in the day. The Small streets of Norwood are packed with locals and visitors to view the Parade before they enter the fair grounds. The Parade is bigger than the Town’s Santa Clause Parade. The Parade is about a half hour to 45 minutes in length and is filled with Floats, Classic Cars and Tractors, Horses, Pipe and drum bands and some really neat and funny attractions like the Hillbilly Mobile and the double sided car (The car has two front ends).

The Parade starts off with a few firetrucks, It isn’t a parade unless there are fire trucks. The Reeve comes driving past in his fancy car, as do a few other politicians. The First float holds the Norwood Fair ambassador, a new one is crowned every year.

The Pipe bands are always a big hit, Bag Pipes just have to be in every parade.  I always look forward to hearing the sound of the melodious pipe band.

The Hillbilly Mobile is always a huge hit. The vehicle is made of wood, has everything a Hill Billy needs and water is squirted out of stuffed skunks on the top of th vehicle. Yes the Skunks tail actually raises and sprays water at the crowd.

A lot of hard work goes into the creation of Floats. This year’s Theme is Wagon Wheels to Ferris wheels. The best floats win prizes. There were many spectacular floats in this years parade.

The Norwood Lions Club always makes a great float as well as put on a wonderful performance. They bring lots of laughter and smiles to the crowd.

Mini Cars, Antique cars and antique tractors were all out in full force creating many Ooohs and Ahhhs.

The Norwood Fall fair is Derrinately a great place to be on Thanksgiving weekend. I will be going to the fair grounds tomorrow to go on some Carnival rides, play some games, Check out all the attractions and eat some fair style food. There is plenty to do at the Norwood fair, lots of vendors, a huge display of local craft and agriculture entries, horse shows, livestock shows, the Hot Diggity Dog Flyball compitition, Lawn Mower races and much more. And this weekend is a beautiful weekend and it already looks like the Norwood fair might beat another attendance record!

See you at the fair!

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