Just me reporting on the geekyness of my world in my journey to achieve major geekdom. (Because being in the “In Crowd” is NOT an option)

I’m late posting my geek report again…I was busy at a Procrasination convention. But anywho here it is!

Will I ever achieve pure geekdom?

I joined Google+ and of course followed as many geeks as I could. Circled…I circled as many…whatever. I’m reading awesome posts posted by actual game designers, pro geeks and famous geeks. There is so much geek that I feel…unworthy. Am I geek enough? Is obsessing over table top gaming, geeky shows and geek product good enough? To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot. I haven’t been religiously collecting comic books or memorising ever line in Star Trek, I have yet to learn Klingon for goodness sake. I only started to like Star Trek about 5 years ago! I’m not the best Table Top gamer (Mainly due to being ADD, but let me tell you I can make one mean dice tower while awaiting my turn) and I’m a horible Dungeon Master. I fix computers by kicking them. I am clueless when it comes to the latest technology…I’m too poor to even check out all the latest gadgets. Hell I do not own a cell phone. I don’t even have a crappy Cell phone! I am an ultimate noob in the geek world that I try to live in. I’m ceryain this blog post is mediocre compared to everyone elses. I mingle in with geek rock Stars and I shyly sit in the back ground, taking in all the really awesome geek content. I envy all you pro geeks, I really do.

Then again, I have only been a geek for 6 years. I have so much content to discover. And I must be a geek because I’ll buy Star Trek Figurines or Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures over buying new shoes. The Comic book store is my shoe store. My Husband literally has to tie my hands down and drag me out. I need a written note from my husband that I have to submit to my friends before they let me purchase anything. No wonder my Husband didn’t want me to go to Toronto fan Expo!  He had a good reason. Perhaps I’m a little geek after all. I may not be a super geek but, I’ll get there. Which brings me to my next topic…

September Geek Purchase.

While I was walking in town I noticed a very colorful picture across the road at the pawn shop. I took a second glance and exclaimed “Is that a Super Hero picture?” Low and behold it was! And for the price of $4 it was mine! Best 4 bucks I had spent all morning!  It will look great in my office! But I need a little help from my geek counterparts. I can only identify 2 of the supers in the picture and have no clue who everyone else is. They look really cool though. But if any of my geeky pals are reading this blog and know everything there is to know about the Marvel Universe just leave me a comment, it will be much appreciated. I would LOVE to know the names of all the Supers in this wonderful geek find of mine.

Introducing the newest member to the family! Neelix.

This is Neelix. He was found along with his mother and 3 siblings in a box in an appartment Stairwell. A friend of mine is an apprtment building superintendant and she came across some hampsters after a family had moved out and abandoned them. So I gladly took one of the furry beasts in. Neelix (And he looks like a Nellix, the name suits him) is a Teddy Bear Hampster…or at least he’s fluffy enough to be a Teddy Bear Hampster. He is not fully grown yet. We Thought we’d stick to a Star Trek Voyager theme from now on. Hopefully I don’t win a goldfish at the fair this weekend or I might have to name it Kes (I know, I’m horrible!). But yes, this is geek worthy news because he has a geek worthy name.

Live Long and Prosper Mr. Spock!

Star Trek celebrates it’s 45th anniversary this year and Leonard Nemoy attended his last Star Trek Convention. Mr. Nemoy, who is best known as Spock, said goodbye to Star Trek Conventions! But Don’t worry, he still has a twitter and we can all keep tabs on him via twitter. And they say 80 year old people can’t use technology, Bah! I have yet to attend a Star Trek Convention (A few years ago I’d have said Star Trek Conventions are lame) and I’m a bit sad I’ll never get to meet Leonard Nemoy but I, as well as all his fans are grateful that he took the time to welcome all his fans at each and every Convention. So Mr. Nemoy, may you Live long and Prosper!

Top 10 Twit Geeks.

Going to have to do a google+ list soon, but for now, here are my top ten twitter mentions of the month!



@ElderBlueDragon   My Dragon’s favorite Frienemy








Keep geeking everyone!

Zombie 101

#98 Axe Deoderant repels zombies, or I like to assume so. It Repels people too. But in the event that it does not repel zombies stock up on Axe Deoderant and any other aerosol you can muster. Those things make GREAT explosions. And I think you can duct tape a few together and make an even bigger explosion.

#65 If you happen to be in a hospital when all hell breaks loose don’t panic. Don’t go outside either. Just grab some supplies, some survivors and barricade yourselves in a room for a few days. Once everything is calmer and the Hospital is still in one peice then slowly make your exit. Remember hit zombies in the head, there will be plenty of undead meandering around in the hospital.

Call Of Duty Noob experience #2-Noob faceoff.

I can always tell when there are other inexperienced players playing Call of Duty. The experienced ones massacre me and the noobs take a few seconds to actually hit me. I can totally understand someone shooting at me from a great distance but being only a few feet away is no excuse to empty your gun, reload and continue shooting at me. I Have horrid aim and my reflexes really suck! I came across a noob at one point and I even commented to my husband that the person trying to shoot me was infact a noob…like me. Except I killed him first while he reloaded his gun. We stood there, froze and both began to shoot. While we were shooting at one another I began to laugh histerically. I finally got him down, basked in my kill success for two seconds and then got knifed from behind. But I was still a happy noob because it was my first kill in online COD. I’ve moved to multiple kills but the point is, I’m still a Noob.

Gaming update:

We have been playing Deadlands all month and I quite enjoy it. Amazingly we have gone an entire month without a character death :O! NEW RECORD! We have been facing a lot of supernatural things and my charcter just doesn’t see any of it because she is a doubting Thomas. My Cow Girl doesn’t belive in demons, ghosts, magic etc. Needless to say she thinks everyone in the group is a nutcase.  Our first mission was to make a delivery to a ghost town so we trekked across the desert to make this delivery. Along the way we met some ghosts (I didn’t see em) the Huckster summoned demon rabbits (I didn’t see em but am now convinced bunnies are destructive little varments) we met El Diablo and guess what? My Character saw NOTHING! Once we delivered the package we finally found out what was in the box. Dynamite and the guys who ordered it were planning on hitting up a train. So being good people that we are we blew the town up…well a Ghost did but I didn’t see it! When we got back to our town and we went to collect our payment for the job. We ended up with a bonus because the man who sent us on the job was a Texas Ranger. Our group were unknowingly undercover agents the entire time. Destroying evil pays off…now if only we could stop our Huckster (Spell Caster) from announcing he wants equal rights for magic users. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Deadlands is a great Table top RPG for western-steampunk lovers.I just can’t wait to come across some steam powered armor.

Dragon Adventures

Anadralius read a good book “Dragon With the Girl Tattoo.” She wasn’t all too interested in “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” so I found her something that applied more to her. “Dragon With the Girl Tattoo” Is a parody of course. I Just finished reading “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” and It was an okay book. Filled with lots of random sex and the over use of coffee. In Sweden it’s Coffee, Sex and tearing down corrupt corporations and/or dirty men. Oh and there is some computer hacking and a mystery involved. So if you have yet to read this best seller it’s pretty good, if books aren’t your thing there is a movie with subtitles…as well as an American Version hitting theaters in December. I Hope they didn’t leave the coffee out. If this book was written in Canada it would be “Hey, I’m making a Timmies run, need anything?” “Yeah I’ll have a Double Double…and don’t forget to pick up a few 24’s at the beer store eh?”

and that’s all I have for geekyness in September. Keep on geeking everyone.



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