Disaster Friday-The day being Bad didn’t pay off

Posted: September 30, 2011 in disaster

I have decided that I have enough disaster in my past to blog about so every Friday I have dedicated my blog to events which occured to me in the past. I had a pretty horrid childhood and Highschool experience.

5th grade-

I despised the 8th grade bullies. Each day I dreaded going to the bus stop to catch the bus to middle school. I used to live in New Brunswick and there is “Middle School” which is for grades 5-8. Grade 5 was my last year living in Moncton New Brunswick before we moved to the big province of Ontario.

Needless to say I was bullied all the time. By cowardly 8th grade boys. One of them being my best friend’s Brother. They were all three times bigger than me, they constantly caused trouble and I just wanted to be left alone. But some days the clock work in my head spun with new ideas. One of them being “I should JOIN them in their bad behaviour!”

I could have ignored them like I always did, I carried my Walkman around with me everywhere (Yes back then it was cool to have a walkman, portable CD players were new and nobody I knew had one) I had a total of 4 Cassette tapes, Aqua, Spice Girls, Ace of Base and dance Mix 95…oh yeah I was as hip as they come! Normally I’d blast my walkman and totally ignore the insults from the grade 8 hooligans. Ignoring them after I got off the bus was more difficult as I always got pelted by snowballs. But there was one thing the boys liked to do more than pelt me with snowballs, they liked to throw snowballs at the bus because everyone hated the bus Driver.

We called our bus Driver Newman, because he looked like Newman from Seinfeld. We probbaly drove the guy insane because our bus was the worse bus. It contained so many little hooligans we all had assigned seats. I got assigned the back of the bus, everyone covetted the back seat on the bus and I got it! And everyone hated me for it.

On a nice spring afternoon I decided I was going to join the grade 8 kids in their traditional throwing of snowballs at the bus. I don’t really know what I was thinking but I assumed that if I joined along they would think I was cool enough to leave alone. So I packed a nice snowball and ran around the corner as the bus turned. I whipped that snowball as hard as I could with an evil smile. Man I was bad! It was a nice day out too and the driver had his window open…where did my snowball hit? I got the driver right in the face, knocking his glasses off. Everyone gasped. I stood there frozen. The bus came to a screeching stop. He didn’t know who threw the snow ball. But he assumed it was one of the boys who were running. I said NOTHING!

The next day all three boys got an in school suspention. I was shocked to find out they didn’t rat me out. Those brats took all the credit! I did a bad deed, I got the lucky shot and they got the credit. And I still didn’t get into their good books. So all I have from that day is a memory, one that I now laugh at. When I see grade 5-8 hooligans, as much as I want to stangle them I have to realize, I was just like them. And it’s true, the stupid things they do they actually find hilarious. I think we were all in their shoes at one point in our lives. And when they reach the age of 20 they are going to look back at their childhood and think “Did I seriously do that?”  I mean did I seriously actually like the Macarena? Good Lord I did! There are just so many things in everyone’s childhood to be ashamed of.

And I’ve got more disasters to share.


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