Geek confessions~The path to becoming a Trekkie.

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Geek
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This is my story of how I became assimilated into a Trekkie.

Let me start at the beginning.

I was one of those kids who thought Star Trek was boring so I never gave it a chance, all I knew was that there was a guy with pointy ears named Spock, Enterprise had a bald Captain, There was a guy named Geordi who had this funky thingie across his eyes and then there were Klingons. I only knew of 3 races, Vulcan, Klingon and Human. Even into my teen years I knew nothing. And I anted it to stay that way because by the time I entered Highschool there was no way in hell I would EVER call myself a Star Trek Fan.

I dated my first Trekkie when I was in grade 10. In fact I asked him out right before he ran off with his Trekkie friends to go see Star Trek Nemisis in theaters. “Seriously? They still put Star Trek on the big screen? I thought Star Trek was for old fat dudes who live in their parent’s basement!” I informed my trekkie boyfriend that I would NEVER EVER EVER watch Star trek. And he believed me, and to this day I bet he’d be in great shock to know that I’m a Trekkie.

Then I met my secong Trekkie in grade 11. Again I said “I will NEVER like Star Trek, don’t even try!” of course I said the same thing about marriage and well…that’s another story. Little did I know that resistance was futile this time-with becomming a Trekkie and getting married to the one who is responsible for me joining the Star Trek Collective.

Boring…Boring…Boring…Hmmm cool explosion…Boring…ZOMG The Cybord dude is dancing! And it’s so funny! Thank you Brent Spinner for your amazing performance as Data because your excellent performance pulled me into watching Star Trek. Oh and the cat (Spot)! And Worf’s reaction to Data’s cat and…well you get the picture, I began to like the characters. And once you like characters you get pulled into TV shows, then it becomes interesting. I was in grade 12 by the time I began to enjoy Star Trek. By then I knew 8 Races (Human, Borg, Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan, Betazoid, Ferengi, Cardassian,) and I knew the entire cast of TNG…I also started to understand Red Shirt jokes.

Over the years I began to watch more and More Star Trek, so much more that I actually watched episodes of TNG more than 3-4 times. I began to say “Oh this is a good episode!” Seriously, once you get to that point there is no turning back. Then I became a mom and on my days off I would sit down and watch the Sci Fi chanel all day (Where I fell in love with Joe Flannigan but again, another geeky story) I would watch Star Trek as my daughter napped, I became famliar with Voyager and thought it was awesome because they had a female captain. Yes, I was watching Star Trek Sans Husband. It was me choosing to watch and not him.

My husband and I are JUST finnishing up a long running Star Trek Marathon. The only Star Trek Episodes we avoided was the original Star Trek (Although I’m very tempted to watch that as well because there is nothing funnier than old space shows…and I mean it’s William Shatner at his prime, who could argue that?) We started with TNG, moved on to Enterprize, then watched Deep Space 9 and we are finally on the last season of Voyager. It has been a good Star Trek Marathon 🙂

So here I am about 7 years later. I have seen every episode of Star Trek, I have many favorites, I know a whole wack of famous quotes and lines, I collect Star Trek Collectables (pictured above), I actually get excited if I find Star Trek Collectables, my dog is named after Seven Of Nine from Voyager (Because there was 9 pups in her Collective) and I’m the one who named her. I was the one jumping up and down while I waited in line to watch The new Star Trek Movie which was my Mother’s Day gift that year (I also ate at Burger King JUST to get the collectable cups, and I hate Burger King). I religiously watch Star Trek like it’s a soap Opera (I still don’t know how Soap Operas suck viewers in but it does so I won’t argue). I mean, I love Star Trek so much I’m blogging about it!

Today I walk forward as a proud Trekkie. And I couldn’t be happier ^^ Live Long and Prosper!




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