Meandering Evening #1

Posted: September 8, 2011 in random

I’ve never really blogged about stuff I do…I mean, who would even find my life interesting. BUT since I like to spice up my blog and who knows, I might have potential stalkers (HI STALKERS AND WELCOME!) I have decided to start posting a few Meandering blog posts here and there. I’m on a coffee high so I’m sure I can attempt to make this interesting.

7pm Kid’s Ministry meeting at Tim Horton’s This is where I got the coffee…Tim’s coffee isn’t strong BUT I downed an extra Large Tripple Tripple in minutes…and the caffiene kicked in within minutes too. I am sensitive to caffiene, it rushes to my brain then I crash later on, thankfully Timmies doesn’t make me crash as bad as Star Bucks. I’m banned from Star Bucks, I salivate at the thought of an espresso with a fancy name. Instant high, I take one sniff of an espresso and woooooo.

Anyways, tonight was the meeting for the start up of Kid’s Ministry at our church. So all the volunteers got together and shared thoughts and ideas. This year is going to be awesome! Every Wednesday night we have a kid’s For Christ Club at the church and it always goes so well. I even managed to voluntell my husband to join…if he has a Wednesday off I can drag him along! I know he likes to sit at home and relax BUT he always complains he misses me so he can come too!

After our meeting we put some candles on a Boston Cream Donut BECAUSE it’s Nick’s (my Husband’s) 24th Birthday!!! YAY! And he’s pulling a midnight shift tonight (Thus I’m blogging about my night alone) and we had to sing him Happy Birthday! He’d do the same for me! His Co workers are thrilled that it’s his birthday too…he tried to not tell them BUT we ruined it for him. Nothing makes me more happy then getting pay back for all the irritating things he does to me! It’s all part of a healthy marriage! If you can’t bug each other then Marriage isn’t fun.

9:30 LAUNDRY! Okay so how the heck am I going to even make this interesting? I’m not sure BUT I am going to clean my closets, and try and put the stuff I don’t wear in a donation box. Some stuff doesn’t fit me, and by “doesn’t fit me” I mean it’s too big. And I certainly am not growing into any of it any time soon unless of course I decide to casually skip a few pills and well…you know, I’ll gain 40lbs over a course of 9 months 😀 But I know it’s a bad time to have an addition to the family (it’s a zoo here right now) so the only way I’m having a kid is if the pill fails. So anywho…going through closet and stuff…rocking out to some Alice in Chains as I fold Laundry…yes I’m totally singing along. Then I get to The Offspring song list and I really belt out the tunes, I’ve got another hour before my room mate gets here so hey why not eh?

10:30 Room mate arrives home…ok well he’s not a room mate perse…more of a renter as he rents a room off us. We own the house. He arrives home, Dog jumps him, Dog gets a lecture as if she understands “You were in my room again! I told you not to go in my room! Bad Dog! You know better!” Know Better? Seriously she’s a dog! She knows she will get in crap for stealing stuff off the counter BUT she still does it because she’s a dog and getting yelled at is well worth chewing stuff up for fun.

11:00 Relaxation time woohoo I made myself a mini spa in the bathroom. Foot soak, bubble bath, candles…all it needs is some relaxing rock n roll music. (I’m weird, loud rock relaxes me) well I shall relax then get back to more loads of laundry. Have so many baby blankets that I can give away to my many friends who have new babies. So many cute new babies, man I love you guys for having babies that I can spoil! And look at adorable pics…that make my lil heart melt with joy!

11:30 Crashiiiiing well…had a relaxing spa now I’m all blaaaa…but it’s a calm blaaaa. Normally I sit in a corner all paranoid when I crash from caffiene but I’m too tired to be paranoid. Alas I still want to at least go upstairs and clean out the closet. Must clean bedroom!

12:30 Not going to make it till 2am Man, I am such a non partyer…must be the mother in me. Can’t stay up past 1am. Well Most of the laundry is put away, have some stuff to donate and it’s lights out for moi. I’m so tired I can’t even review this blog. It’s probably boring…but Honey Badger don’t care (Great I’m getting into the Honey Badger quotes) Time for bed before I write something stupid that while may be amusing at the time I write it I will likely look at it in the morning and think “What? I seriously wrote this?”

I’m just going to end…NOW. Nighty Night!

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