August Geek Report

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Geek
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I’m a little late posting my Geek report, had a busy long weekend so never got around to it.But here it is 🙂

So I’m going to start with anticipated Fall Geek Movies:

There aren’t too many geeky fall flicks but there were a few that caught my attention and I might go and check them out.

Real Steel: A pro boxer loses his chance at making it big when steel robots take over the boxing ring. Essentially this is a movie about robots that pound one another in a boxing ring. I’m all for watching giant bots duke it out and there seems to be a bit of a story involved as well. Story lines are good too.

The Thing: The remake of a classic Horror/sci fi. The trailer looks looks so the remake might just be pretty good. The plot is pretty much the same, taking place in the arctic tundra again, people running amok trying to figure out what’s going on etc. I should probably watch the original again because I was like 5 when I watched it and all I remember were crazy dogs and steel spider thingies…and lots of blood.

In Time: This flick looks rather interesting,  Take a look at the movie trailer below.  Basically in the future people are immortal because the aging gene had been deactivated. But to avoid over population time has become currency, if you run out of time you die. The rich live forever but the poor end up dying young because they can’t afford time. People literally have time displayed on their arms, they get paid in time and they can pay for stuff with time. When a man (Played by Justin Timberlake) comes into a fortune in time and becomes the Robin Hood of time a corrupt agency known as the Time Keepers try to stop him.

Puss in Boots: Does wanting to go see Puss in Boots count as being geeky? Sure why not? Looks cute, funny and Puss In Boots is by far the best Shrek Character other than Donkey. Also this film is family friendly and with a miniature geek of my own a kid friendly movie is ideal.

There are not too many huge films the remainder of 2011 that give me a huge geekgasm, but I like many other geeks are clearly anticipating Next years line up of awesomesauce films. One of the biggest being The Avengers and with the Talented Joss Whedon directing it, it is going to be totally awesome! But there are many other epic films geeks are looking forward to. Ghost Rider (And I’m admitting I loved the first Ghost Rider), The Hunger Games, The Amazing Spiderman (Will they get it right this time?), Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit just to name a few. So it looks like another year for epic movies.

Top 10 Twitter Geeks











Thankyou everyone for keeping me geeky, you all rock!

Zombie Plans

#41 Know your escape route, know where everything is so that you can grab stuff quickly. Have a designated meeting spot.

#92 Be nice to those that annoy you, if you really despise someone they are always good as a distraction while you book it. Have at least 2 or 3 of these people around at all times.

#1 Double Tap…everyone knows this by now but a reminder is always good. And don’t check to see if stuff is dead just keep moving!

Gaming Adventures

Finally started Playing Deadlands and it has been quite interesting so far. Deadlands is a weird western style game based durring the Post Civil war era. We have a female priest in the party, a Huckster (Magic user), a Pony Express Rider who’s a chick but dresses like a guy because females are not allowed to join the Pony Express, a female soldier, A mad Scientist and my character which is a Cowgirl who has the Doubting Thomas Trait. We have come across magic, ghosts and the paranormal and I don’t believe any of it. Needless to say I think everyone is sucking back the moonshine. I even had a cursed weapon that I could not let go of and I was convinced someone had put glue on it to play a joke on me. Everyone was chatting us a bunch of ghosts which my character didn’t see, stuff happens and I’m just amazed. We were attacked by Satan’s messengers which are Jackalopes and I just laughed and said they were Bunnies…now I’m afraid of rabid bunnies. The Huckster and priest are having some issues with one another and I’m the only person in the party who doesn’t know the Pony Express Rider is female…it has been rather interesting. We are all playing our characters well and having a great time. Glad we decided to give Deadlands a try.

Black Ops Noob report!

I thought I’d share some noob incidences that have occured to me. One of my worst noob occurences happened when I was playing online. I suck at Black Ops but my husband wanted me to play so I could pick up care packages and use them. So I followed him around like a lost puppy and waited for the care package. It came, I grabbed it and got the Remote Control Car bomb. So I had the RC…I stood there trying to figure out how to activate it “Press UP!” My husband yells after he notices my confused face. “Oh.” I I press the Up button and the RC is placed on the ground. Ok, now I’m going to make a kill! YEAH! I get points! I pressed the trigger to activate the RC…BOOM! “uhhh oops.” My husband face palms and yells “Your supposed to DRIVE it then press the Trigger when you see the enemy!” Well it’s safe to say, I now know how to use the RC…><

Geeky Purchases:

I only got 2 new geeky-ish items in August. I ordered a new Dragon but it’s on back order, however I did get two cool fairy Figurines, I thought I’d give my computer desk a Fantasy theme (Unicorns and Fairies). So Below are my two new additions to the decor family.

I am hoping to add more geeky stuff to my geek collection in september, I found a really cool site to buy custom made dice bags and I am hoping to top up my pay pal account so I can go spend happy. I totally reccomend you check out Dragon Chow Dice bags and have a look at the awesome hand made dice bags. Amazing price too. I can’t wait to get my hands on some new dice bags. 😀 Below is the bag I REALLY want. Portal Companion Cube dice bag ❤

Geek Parenting:

Well apparently my daughter loves the “Hole” game. In other words I introduced her to Portal, and now she always wants to play Portal, with assistance of course. She likely doesn’t get the raw GLaDOS Humor but she is pretty convinced she has to kill elevators and robots (Sentry guns).

My Daughter is also doing a wonderful job at warning people of zombies. “Don’t go out in the dark alone, the Zombies will eat your brains.” Wise words!

Well thats about all I have for my August geek report. Keep on geeking everyone!


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