The Cry-Ottawa 2011

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Faith
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“The Cry” is an event that is held in Canada every year, it is not a concert, it is not a sermon, it is a cry to God where believers put aside their denominational differences and come to pray and cry out with believers in God and Jesus Christ.

I had the opportunity to attend The Cry August 27th in Ottawa Ontario right in front of Parliament. At first I was a little under excited, Matthew 6:5 rang out to me “When you pray, don’t be like the hypocrites who love to pray publicly in the synagogues and Street corners where everyone can see them.” I was about to go to a public prayer, and all my life I was taught that if I pray in public then I am sinning. I will get back to this point later because I learned something amazing while I attended.

We left at 4:45 am to drive up to Ottawa, we were blessed to have hardly any traffic. The Sun Rise was gorgeous. We arrived in Ottawa at 7:40 and went in search of a Star Bucks…oddly enough Coffee shops in the down town core don’t open till 8am on saturday. The down town core was vacant too which I’m not used to as I’ve been to Toronto many times and it’s NEVER vacant.
We went for a Tour of the Supreme and Federal Court house at 9am. Two supreme Court judges are retiring next month and 3-4 will retire in the next few years. New Judges will be appointed. This is a huge shift. We had fun in the tour and we also had the opportunity to pray over the shift and pray that wise decisions are made.

We arrived at the Cry on the lawn at Parliament at 9:45, thus the Cry began.

End Abortion:
A silent one hour prayer to end abortion. To end the needless killing of unborn babies. I believe that the early stages of life are infact life, I don’t hate those who have abortions, nor does anyone else, I prayed that decisions would change, more funding for the help of scared mothers, more education and adoption opportunities. Changes of hearts especially of those women who decide they don’t want a Baby because it’s inconvenient…I have spoken to women who have aborted and not one has said it was pleasant and each one lives with the guilt. Yes many babies are born into bad situations each year but who are we to say someone doesn’t have a RIGHT to live? I am pro Life, I always have been. As a mother I am given the responsibilty of protection over a child. This includes when a child is in me. Life is precious.

A prayer for Jack Layton:

Jack Layton, leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada passed away of Cancer Monday. Prayers were prayed for his family, supporters, friends. That comfort would be brought to his family, that his words would change the nation. He was a huge influence. He changed Canada.

A Prayer for Parliament:
So that the government may make wise choices.

First Nations:

A First Nations Cheif thanked Canada for asking for forgiveness in the treatment of Natives. He said that because of Harper’s appology, The First Nations have come closer to Canada. Many First Nations are infact Christians and believers of Jesus and claim that Jesus has brought healing to many tribes. There is a high suicide rate among the first Nations as well as Drug and alcohol addictions, we prayed for the unity with the natives. Canada also wants to let Natives know that we stand by you, we respect your culture and we have much to learn from a very spiritual nation.

Quebec may be one with Canada and not separate. In fact Jack Layton brought Quebec Closer to Canada. We pray that the separatist movement ends and we become strong with one of our provinces.

Supreme Court of Canada:

That wise decisions may be made with the choosing of the new judges, that they may serve Justice and have courage. There are laws out there that could get passed that could shake the foundation of Canada, one such law is the allowing of Brothels and to make prostitution legal. Prostitution IS NOT OK no matter what form. Selling your body for money is NOT OKAY. There are other laws out there waiting to be passed, there are laws we have that are being challenged. We Pray for strength of Canada’s laws and any lawsuit that goes into the federal and supreme courts.

That Marriages will remain strong, that the divorce rate will drop. That couples may not be lead astray.

It is said that Israel is God’s kingdom, and that Israel is and always will be a Holy land. He says Israel will not fall, that it will prevail. We stood among our Jewish bretheren who blessed us and thanked Canada for standing with Isreal. God loves the Jews and the Gentiles.

We blessed the Americans, we prayed for government strength, for the debt crisis and many other issues. America, know that your neighbour to the North Loves you.

Human Trafficking:
Miss Canada herself came to address the issue of Human Trafficking. It is happening in Canada it is happening all over the world, people being sold into slavery, people firced to have sex, children being exploited world wide even in Canada! We prayed that the Chains would be broken, that all slaves be set free. I had a place in my heart for a little boy named Slavic from Kyrgyzstan who was sold into slavery by his own mother for $2.70, we are looking for Slavic, God knows where Slavic is and we will not rest until he is brought back safely. The sale of humans is not acceptable! People must stand up and not turn away from this issue.

A message of love and forgiveness.

There was worship involved durring the day as well. It was amazing to be among other believers. We put our barriers down, nobody was judged based on which Church they attended. People came in Humility, most came to pray but not to be seen on TV or seen there. Many will testify the Cry but will not boast that they were there. I testify this day, I testify that it was full of spirit and in no means “Cultish” “A cry for attention” “A protest” “A show”…no it was a pure humble Cry.

I asked God to show me something, a reason to be there. I was still worried about Matthew 6:5 and I just didn’t want to dwell on it…what does it mean? Does it mean Churches shouldn’t show themselves or promote themselves? Does it mean I can’t publicly pray for someone? Does it mean I can’t declare God’s Name outside the church? No. Jesus was discussing the unhumble heart, the heart that wants something to gain. We didn’t gain anything but answered prayers. For we came with our hearts! We didn’t want to be there to show off…or be glorified like the pharicees. No because there was more negative reaction by non believers than possitive. We are laughed at, mocked, called horrible things, called evil, accused of having no right to be allowed to partake in something religious in front of Parliament…the worldly look on with hatered. They hate because they don’t believe in prayer, we’re merely wasting our time.

Psalm 107:52 “Let them exalt Him publicly before the congregation, and before the leaders of the Nation”
I opened my Bible at 4pm…looking for an answer…underlined on the page I opened was Psalm 107:52 and we did…we exalted the Lord before the leaders of the nation.

I’m not ashamed of the Gospel, I’m not ashamed to be a Christian, I’m not worried about what everyone else thinks…and so I carry the cry with me to testify, not because I want attention but because it is utmost important to tell the nations about Jesus Christ. The Gospel is not for Sunday, it’s not for inside a church building it s for the unbeliever and the unsaved. The people outside the church, and whether they want to accept it or not that’s their choice but Grace of God is for ANYONE who is willing to recieve it.

The Three Bible verses inscribed in stone on the Peace Tower are:
He shall have dominion also from sea to sea (Psalm 72:8)

Give the king thy judgments, O God, and thy righteousness unto the king’s son.(Psalm 72:1)

Where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18)


They couldn’t have said it better. God Bless Canada, God Bless the world.


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