A Message for the Weather.

Posted: August 25, 2011 in disaster, Storm
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Dear weather,

You have a sick sense of humor. I anticipated seeing a big storm last night which was Wednesday August 24th and what you gave me was a light show but nothing severe. I am not complaining about the lightning show as it was absolutely spectacular and I quite enjoyed it. Other people in my province did infact experience some crazy weather and there might have been a Tornado…or more than one for that matter.

What I am complaining about is the lack of constant power outtage durring the two lightning storms. You knocked our power on and off for a while but it managed to stay on through the storms. Once the storms were finished I set the blasted alarm clock for the 8th time for my husband as he has to wake up at 3am to go to work. Our internal clocks only recognize when it’s like 6am…we would both easily sleep past 3am. We then went to bed thinking, the storms were over.

12:30 am and our power starts to flicker on and off. It did so about 3 times before it stayed ON for more than 5 minutes. I started to set the damn alarm clock again and voila power off…power on…power off…power on…set al…nope power off. Power on again…set alarm and power on, off…on, off…on… The power flickered at least 10 times. Finally it stayed off for more than 10 minutes. Over a slight breeze and maybe a wee bit of lightning.

We faced a dilema. We don’t have cell phones (I know we’re cavemen) so we don’t have the option of setting a cellphone alarm. I could not find a 9 volt for the alarm clock either. We had no way of setting an alarm…so here I am writting this at 1:12 am because I have to stay awake until 3am to wake my husband up for work. I have no internet, but when I do I will be posting this letter as a blog. I am tired, my power is out while it’s CALM out there! I understand that thousands are without power but WHY??? Why does it only go off when the storms are FINNISHED???

I’m sure I shall discover why the power went so wonky, but for now here I sit, using Word Pad to type up a blog post. Waiting, waiting for 3am so I can switch places with my husband and go to bed. I feel like I’m on watch or something! But what am I watching out for? Oh yes that’s right 3am! Heck if the power is out at my husband’s work and if he shows up he doesn’t get paid until the power goes back on! So who knows how…oh wait, it’s 1:19am and it’s back on. Funnily enough another storm has just started! Why do you do this to me weather? Why? was it the egging on? I wasn’t egging you on I was Cheering you on because I really wanted to see a violent-ish storm!
The power is still on…hopefully I can tip toe to upstairs to set that alarm, no more power failure, the joke was hilarious, Haha hopefully I can go to bed now.

Fortunately the power stayed on. But I did not get to bed until 3am anyways as I burned myself with candle wax on my way back upstairs and my husband had a vomit fit because the funnel cake he decided to try and make Did Not agree with his stomach. And the power went out right before 3am AGAIN! What a night. 4 hours of sleep, guess I can’t complain, at least I got sleep. My Husband didn’t get any. sooo until next time Mother Nature…next time.

Thankyou for the nice Light show weather, just please, next time, if you are going to take our electricity away, don’t give us false hope by flickering it on and off 20-30 times. Thanks.

Sincerely, Jess From Norwood Ontario.


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