Blessing some kids in need.

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Faith
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It is now August and collection time for the Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes is about 4 months away. Seems like plenty of time but I have 15 boxes to make up as that is my set goal (If I can make more I will).

Update: So far I have a few toys such as skipping ropes, balls, cars, Littlest Petshop figurines, etc. I am slowly collecting more toys and activities to fill the boxes with. I am pretty much done my collection of school supplies (Just need erasers and pens) and 11 kids are going to be really blessed with school supplies. I collected about half of the supplies and I had friends donate the other half to me which is a blessing. Since there is usually a limit on school supply deals it was a real big help having someone else pick up some stuff.

I am honestly having so much fun collecting and organizing the shoe boxes. I’m looking forward to filling them. I have gotten some really great feedback from friends thinking that having a shoe box sent out  dedicated to them as a christmas present is a great idea. I LOVE doing little acts of philanthropy but find myself strained come christmas because I buy gifts for friends then have hardly any money left over to fill shoe boxes. I barely managed to fill 6 last year. So instead of me buying bath products for all my friends (Because my uncreative mind ALWAYS ends up purchasing bath products that my friends probably have enough of)  I decided to fill some shoe boxes on their behalf.

I normally try and keep charitable deeds hushed because there is no need to blow trumpets on every act of kindness but I really want to spread the word on Operation Christmas Child. I hope that I will inspire people to fill a box or two because it’s fun and rewarding.

The Boxes will be sent out in the spring and volunteers will hand deliver the boxes to places of need. The list of destinations isn’t up yet but I’ll be sure to update everyone on where the boxes are going when I find out. Last year many of the boxes packed in Canada were shipped to Haiti and they arrived in May and June.

My next shopping task is to buy items for the Toddler boxes. I’m filling out 4 boxes that will bless children aged 2-4. So I’m looking for toys, care items and small books. I am hoping to fill each box with at least 3 toys, a box of crayons, a colouring book, tooth brush, cloths, bars of soap, socks, hats, sippy cups, picture books, etc.

I encourage everyone to do some acts of kindness this holiday season. It doesn’t have to be filling out a shoebox, there are also local charities like the Salvation Army, local food banks and toy drives. We have to focus on our locals as well so a balance of international and local acts of kindness are awesome. Kindness certainly spreads, I’ve gotten a few people interested already in filling out boxes so already there is a ripple effect. I hope this year lots of children and people are blessed…I know it’s only August but it’s NEVER too early to start.


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