Of God and Dinosaurs

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Faith
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“If God made the earth in seven days, explain why we have proof that Dinosaurs exist and that they are from millions of years ago.”

The one question/comment that irks me. Naturally people assume that because I am a Christian I do not believe in evolution, science, the fact that our Earth is so old etc. You’d be surprised to find out that the majority of Christians do not, in fact, insist that our Earth and Universe are only 10, 000 years old (Or what ever number is out there, I wouldn’t know because I believe that the Earth is Billions of years old).

I serve a God that has no limits. I serve a God who provided accounts for his followers. Now, if God allowed EVERY detail in the Bible the book would be endless. Instead we have a doctrine that has JUST enough information for followers of God. The Seven day creation story in Genesis is NOT literal. It does not mean God created the Earth in 7 days OUR time. The basic message of Genesis is that God created the Heavens and the Earth, it emphasizes that HE created it. It does not say how long it took, it does not say how he did it either. The message is just simple enough for the people of Moses’ time to understand, and has just enough basic information for us.

Dinosaurs Existed: There is enough evidence out there that these great beasts once existed. And they existed in a time where the atmosphere was unsuitable for Human life. The plants were different, the bacteria was likely different, and Evolution and changes did exist. Change does happen. Now as for humans the link has yet to be discovered as to how we evolved and why only us being the creature that evolves so complex. There are no other creatures that can do what we as humans can. We use resources, we have many languages, we have a conscience, we don’t follow the Survival of the Fittest model. We are set apart, there is no denying that. But why did Dinosaurs exist so long ago and how come they are no longer here?

Dinosaurs had a purpose: If Dinosaurs had not have become extinct I could not write this blog. I could not drive a car. I could not use a plastic utensil. Dinosaurs created Fossil Fuels. Oil is produced by something called Diatoms which is a microscopic organism that accumulates in the bones of Dinosaurs over time. When the Dinos died pressure extracted the oils that were deposited there as a result of the bacteria out of the bones causing deposits of oil. It was not the ONLY way of creating oil but it was a major way. The plants of that time period were also much larger than any plant today resulting in the coal making process. Millions of years ago there was an eco system that was different yet similar to today’s ecosystems. There were predators, plant eaters, scavengers etc. As we learn more about how these creatures might have lived it becomes obvious that God was preparing resources that we, humans, would eventually use. It is true that Dinosaurs contributed to a lot of our resources used today. It was perfected. It took millions of years to form such an important substance. God probably could have zapped oil and stuff into existence but if it was done that way how would we discover these things? God has enabled us to learn things like studying rocks, objects, history etc. What Other discoveries are out there for us?

Dinosaurs were not mentioned in the Bible: Dinosaurs did not need to be mentioned. Why would God need to mention the existence of Dinosaurs when there are literally millions of other organisms in existence. The Bible only mentions important animals at the time such as the great leviathan of the ocean (A large sea animal), cattle, insects, birds, fish, donkeys etc. Does the Bible mention Bacteria? No! Does it exist? yes! Does the Bible mention the Platypus? No! Do they exist? yes. We as humans figured a whole bunch of stuff out on our own, we don’t need the Bible to tell us about it. The Bible contains the key points, everything else is up to man.

The Bible is my field guide, I believe it and I follow it and I can testify that my life has become so much better with it than without it. I have tried to live a life without God and I was miserable. There is so much out there that we can not see. Humans usually need to see to believe. I do see God. When I look at EVERYTHING around me, when I learn about the universe, when I learn about the complexity of what needs to occur just to support our life I believe that we have a creator. We’ll NEVER find all the answers no matter how hard we try. We may never know everything about the beasts that once roamed this planet millions of years ago but we catch a glimpse. I see God in everything that I do. I believe in Science, I believe in the Bible and I believe that science and the Bible Co exist. And yes, I am a Christian and I 100% know that Dinosaurs once roamed this planet. And for all you Christians who are still stuck in the dark ages and keep insisting that our planet is young, I encourage you to open those eyes of yours and see the greatness of God.

Reference: Some info taken from “Does God Exist” Periodical July/August 2011 Volume 38 Number 4 http://www.doesgodexist.org


  1. youthguyerik says:

    This is an excellent post. Thanks for offering a thoughtful response to this matter. I find that most believers don’t bother to try to figure out how to answer questions from non-believers. Your response offers a great set of answers for believers when pressed by non-believers.

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