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Posted: August 7, 2011 in Geek
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I’m a few days late for my July geek report because I was busy (aaaand I had to see Captain America First before I posted this blog entry, so even though Captain America was technically viewed in August I’m still just going to put it in this post.) Anyways, It has been a very geeky July and it is all thanks to a new social network Site known as Google+. I will mention that in this blog. But First I will star this entry with my twitter geek shout outs!

My Top 10 Tweet Geeks of July 2011

@Withane71 P.S welcome to Twitter Ian! Hope you got my google+ invite!


@RobMuhlig …thankyou Rob for the google+ invite! You rock!








If I didn’t mention you,  just send me a shout out , you can even vent about how upset you are lol…OR check out some of my previous geek reports as you might have been mentioned then. You are all special, I seriously just go through my @ mentions to find names.


Google+ ….at first I was sceptical. Seriously? ANOTHER social network site? I already have Facebook and twitter BUT what the heck, I decided to give google+ a try. After all People were informing me about how awesome it is. I had to see for myself. So I joined. And I circled people. And I got circled back and I felt special. Then I started to hunt down twitter friends bacuse none of my facebook friends (Except like 4 out of 300) were on google+ and I found geeks galore. A lot of my geek twitter pals that I regularily twitter stalk were discovered on google+, I noticed that my “Friend” circle was inhabited by geeks so I renamed it the “Geek” circle.

Google+ offers the use of unlimited “Circles”. You can name the circles what ever you want, add whoever you want to them and they can’t see which circloe they are in. You get notified when someone circles you but you are unaware of which circle you are in. Then you can go further with this. Don’t want a family member or coworker to see a post? Easy just dedicate it to one of your circles and only those in that circle can read it. Have a post thats private and only want close friends to see it? Well just post it for the friend circle only. Have some geek news but know your other friends get annoyed when you constantly post gaming and geek stuff? Simple, just post it for the geeks! Have annoying people that you felt obliged to add but are annoyed by their posts? Put them in a seperate circle and simply choose whicg circle feed you wish to view. It’s absolutely amazing, and so much can be done with it! I only have most people in the geek circle but I have added non geeks to other circles and I ave another circle dedicated to when some of my old highschool chums decide to join google+.

I’m also enjoying most posts on google+. There is no word limit (But long posts are shortened with the option to read further) and you can add videos, gifs and pictures to the posts. Many people have added funny or interesting content on google+. It’s much more entertaining and enjoyable than Facebook. There isn’t a lot of spamming yet and so far most people have been courteous as to not over post. I have learned a lot, I have discovered new blogs, web comics, merchandise sites etc through google+ where as on twitter I might have been lucky to click on someones links. I’m trying my hardest to check out everyones content, while I likely won’t buy much on merchandise sites because I’m poor I can still discover cool stuff and pass it on to people like my DM or other geek friends.

Out of all the people I have circled on google+ I only personally know 2 of them. BUT I love my interesting google+ friends, have had wonderful feedback from them and am getting to know lots of people in different places. Google+ also offers the option for web cam hangouts where multiple people can just join and chat via web cam…I have yet to try it out but maybe one day I’ll wander into someones hangout or host one of my own.

Gaming News

Gaming group drama! Oh oh! I’m sure I’m NOT alone. Whats funny is I’m the only girl in my group and I cause the least drama! Anyways we played Silver age sentinels for the month of July, we’re still playing the Academy campaign where we are student super heroes. We have defeated Cthulu, we encountered the horsemen of the appocalypse and lived…well everyone but our healer who was kidnapped by War because he wanted to make our healer his queen. This brought “Gohan” into the campaign which is giving us even more migraines…my husband is usually responsible for troublesome characters. We had a take over of the school where the high powered students had their power dampening collars turned off, all hell broke loose, Joker’s Daughter “Marrionette” started to cause mischeif and durring our last session we dealt with a few villians. But the Drama comes in the form of a group member wanting to ditch his character to make a new one. He is on his second character and our DM already stated that after the second character there will be a penalty to build a new one. In  other words the loss of points for character creation. Complaining ensued because apparently this rule is “Not fair” so our DM is supposedly pissed and plans on killing us all off so we all bring in new characters. This is probably an exaggeration from the group gossiper (Which should be ME because I’m female but it’s not) but just incase I made a back up character. Back ups are always good to have because if you die in a session you a) don’t have to spend an hour making a character and b) you don’t have to be lame and simply rename the character and introduce it as your previous character’s twin. So I made a Dragon as a back up character because I play Dragons well.

We will be starting Deadlands soon 🙂 Sounds like we’re alternating between Deadlands and Silver Age each week.

Extream Geek Makeover:

I thought I’d feature some of my geek decor in my blog. I add to my decor as much as possible and my house is starting to get over run by geeky things. I still have plans to geek up my bathroom (See previous Blog post) so when that occurs I’ll post it. I guess I will with sharing my geekified office. Technically my office is the office/guest room. Sitting on top of the small dresser is where I place my dragon along with some of her minions. That’s probbaly a fraction of my Minatures collection as I have minis decorating my living room, bedroom, dining room, plus more other places of the office. I’m also convinced there’s lots hiding among my daughter’s toys as she has the tendancy to snatch a few. The walls in my office are slowly getting geekified and I will post the wall masterpeice some other time.

July Geek Buys:

I didn’t buy too much geek stuff  in July due to lack of funds but I did come across an awesomesauce pink Mario T-shirt! I like to browse second hand clothing stores for cheap geek finds and I was lucky to come across this T-shirt! And I only paid $2 for it! What a steal!

July Geek Movie Reviews:

Harry Potter and the Daethly Hallows Part 1 and 2: I actually waited until Part 2 was out before I viewed Part 1. I successfully waited with much patience! We hit up the double feature at the drive in and it was a magical experience. We sat outside the car in lawn chairs and got to sit under the stars. We didn’t see any dark marks in the sky but there was an amazing display of heat lightning off in the distance and there were multiple metorites. Our Drive in is in a small town so there is not a lot of light pollution, we can see the milky way clearly and the sky put on a display of metorites through the film. The most magical moment was when Dobby was stabbed by Bellatrix, at that exact moment a big metor shot across the sky right above the screen. I cried when Dobby died. Part 2 was even more dramatic and the lightning in the distance got even more intense! It was so awesome watching Harry Potter with the added effects. I absolutely LOVED Harry Potter and I’m so sad that it was the last movie.

Transformers Dark of the Moon: I got to see Transformers as weel despite the warnings from many fellow geeks. I actually enjoyed the movie despite the fact there were so many things wrong with it. So many Humans should have gone squish but I guess main characters are invincible! Rosie Huntington is infact a better actress than Megan Fox but I was stumped as to why her white shirt remained white through falling through a collapsing building, through rolling around in dirt and through running through soot! I want me one of these stain resistant White shirts! Micheal Bay did infact exploit her sexuality a lot more so than he did with Fox. I’m pretty sure he did it on purpose “Wanna call me Hitler? Well take this!”. There were some funny moments in the movie but the best parts were the robot action. The movie would be much better minus squishy humans BUT humans were added. The effects were great and the Robots certainly know how to act and I just LOVE Optimus Prime’s voice! It’s so dramatic and heroic! I had completely forgotten about how crappy the first half of the film was once the Robots started to kick some ass.

Captain America: By far Marvel’s best 2011 Masterpeice! Amazing movie! So happy that I wasn’t disappointed. The plot was great, the action was great, the acting was great and I LOVED the ending. I’m looking forward to the Avenger’s movie, I hope they don’t screw it up but if they do, Captain America will certainly save it. My daughter even enjoyed it BUT was a bit upset that he didn’t fly like Superman.

And that’s all I have for July’s geek Report. Keep on geeking!


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