Extream Geek Makeover.

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Geek

I had an opportunity to meet William Shatner, Tom Felton, Micheal Shanks, Kevin Sorbo, Marina Sirtis, Ethan Philips, Lexa Doig and many other amazing actors, comic book writters/illustrators etc at the Toronto Fan Expo that is scheduled for August of this year…I looked at the line up of guests and my mouth filled with geeky salivation. I stared at the website for the Fan Expo like a zombie staring down someone with good brains. I was super excited and I was going to do ANYTHING to go!

“Honey, I can fix the leaky bath tub faucettes for $160.” My husband said. The man who informed me that he was not interested in accompanying me at Fan Expo, the same man who turned me into the major geek that I am. Even in geeky terms I’m still a noob geek. I don’t know that much really, I’m just a fan girl who tries to take in as much info as possible. I was stuck in a pickle. Do I go to fan expo or do I get the brand new faucettes I wanted? Let me put it to you this way, our bathtub faucettes were sooo bad that we had to turn them on and off via the emergency valve behind the wall. Also the tub filled 6 times a day with the amount of water it was pouring out that we could not stop (Bad for the environment, Captain Planet would be so upset with me!) So within minutes I decided that the $160 I would spend at fan expo would go to better use in fixing the faucettes.

So my husband fixed the bath tub. And now I’m drooling over these shiny new taps that turn on and off, and NO LEAK! Mind you they were installed sort of crooked…but we’ll fix that problem before we re tile the tub and fix the big hole in the drywall. Pictured below is the new shiny faucettes, just have to fix those missing tiles and caulk the tub.

And this is the big hole…not very pretty to look at. May I add in that this hole is right beside the toilet.

Now that we have a home improvment done my geeky mind kicked in. I grinned. I grinned a crooked grin. I smiled the smile of crazy ideas. My husband took notice “Whaaaat?” he asked.

“I’m in charge of retiling the tub right?” I asked.

“Yes. why?”

“I can make a cool mosaic right?”


“With 20 sided dice?” I said with as much enthusiasm as possible. Then I added my devastation of not being able to attend Fan Expo and how it would be awesome if I could geek up the tub. This idea wasn’t as bad as my fix to the hole in the wall. I actually suggested we buy a geeky poster and cover the hole.

Nick looked at me. “You have to geek up every room don’t you?” He asked.

“Well, I haven’t touched the kitchen or Dining room yet but YES!” I just can’t make a cute bathroom theme can I? I mean, I already turned the upstairs bathroom into a mini dungeon! I even have a cute skull toilet paper holder. We even have a real spider beside the sink that’s been living there for 6 months…we’ve decided she’s our pet. I geeked up one bathroom and now I have my eyes set on another. Cementing a whole bunch of dice around the shiny new faucettes.It’s probbaly going to look so stupid, probably as dumb as the christmas tree I put on top of the toilet last Christmas! I don’t care, in my mind it’s the most brilliant idea I have ever come up with!

And so, once the faucette is straitened out…I will be attacking the tub wall with funky coloured dice. That way I can take a nice relaxing bubble bath, stare at the dice and say “Ahhh…the geek life is good.” Now all I need is some geek soap and I’m good to go.



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