A Panda-rific week! Pandamania VBS!

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Faith

Pandamania Vacation Bible school! Where God is WILD about YOU! It’s Summer so Churches all over the world are taking part in hosting Vacation Bible School. My Church hosted Pandamania VBS this week and we had an AMAZINGLY WILD time! Many of the children who attend are from our church or other churches, however, there are also many kids who come who do not attend church or do not even know anything about the Lord. It always amazes me to see them listening attentively and with so much interest at all the Bible stories. There are so many wonderful testimonies that I want to share about this amazing week so we will start with Day 1!

Day 1: God Created The World. GOD MADE YOU! The Bible verse for day one was “Thankyou God for making me so wonderfully Complex” Psalms 139:14 This is where the kids learned that God made each and every one of them unique and he cares so much about ALL his creations. We got to meet our crew on day 1. I was a Leader and I had the blessing of having 4 wonderful children in my group-all boys! While I did have one boy who was over active I had much help from other crew leaders. I want to thank them so much for the help because it allowed me to focus on the other children in my group, particularily the two who were here the first time. My Two younger boys were such a blessing, they listened so well and had an amazing time. They both had many wonderful stories to share. I also had a Junior leader who helped me by giving everyone different tasks. We headed to games first where we played an animal guessing game then we ran around a circle with a bottle of water that had holes in it! We all got a little bit wet but it was refreshing in the summer heat. At snack time we had maker mix, a trail mix with all sorts of yummy goodies in it! We then headed to Bible adventures where we all got to learn more about the Bible story for the day. Our first Bible lesson was of course Genisis 1 where God created everything. We all got to dress up as one of God’s creation and get on the stage and act out the creation story. I do not have a picture unfortunately but if you all want a visual I was up there with one of those pool floatie animals around my waist and acting like a sea Monster. My Group chose to be cows and fish. At craft time kids made bags to take home, they got to draw on them and there was a special message written on them in Chineese. After Craft time we all headed back into the sanctuary for rowdy wrap up where we got to sing more songs, watch a slideshow of pictures and watch a video about Chadder the Chipmunk going and volunteering at Panda Paradise. Day 1 was an amazing day!

Day 2: Elijah Confronts the Prophets of Baal in 1 KIngs 18:16-39. GOD LISTENS TO YOU! The Bible verse of the day was “You know what I am going to say even before I say it, Lord.” Psalms 139: 4. Today the kids learned about God listened to Elijah and performed a miracle where as the Prophets of Baal danced around their alter, fasted, sang and did all sorts of crazy things and their God did not provide. Elijah even poured water 3 times onto his alter and God ignited it! We Got to make cool lanterns at craft time and had Elijah’s alter snacks at snack time, which were iced muffins. Durring games we all had to use our listening skills as we were Blindfolded and had to carry a team member around as they squirted water on other groups. It was very crazy. I missed out on Bible Adventure but what happened was the kids got to build an alter and a Fireman came rushing in! We started our God sightings today as well where kids spoke about things that God showed them or blessed them with. We wrote our God sightings on a Panda and placed him on the God Sighting wall to help fill it up!Some of the responses were amazing. One kid wrote “My mom got a job interview” and that touched my heart so much because it was just amazing to see one where a kid was thinking about their mom and caring so much about that. Many of the sightings were nature sightings and others were reports of nice things others had done for them.


Day 3: Jonah Tries to Escape from God. GOD WATCHES OVER YOU! Our Bible verse for the day was “Even in darkness I can not hide from you.” Psalm 139:12

We got to make Panda’s in crafts today. We used old CDs to make a panda with big googly eyes to represent God watching over us. We then headed over to snacks where we got to eat tasty fish treats (Rice crackers and a triscuit cracker put togather with cheese wizz and grapes as the fishies Bubbles. It was a tasty treat. Finally we got to get swallowed by the Giant Fish! But first we all heard the story of how Jonah ran from God because he didn’t want to save the people of Niniveh. We all followed Jonah into the belly of the fish and it even smelled like fish inside ewww. Games were rwally fun, we played some Panda Tag and a game called water fall where one of the group members placed a cup on their forhead, layed down and the rest of the group had to run over with water and pour it into the cup from eye level. Needless to say, people got soaked and I had bad aim so I poured water right onto the faces of my kid volunteers. Today was an awesome day because my daughter (Pictured above) learned all about Jonah and told me all about him. She said she went in to save him from the “Big Whale”. It’s amazing to see my own kid interested in the Bible lessons.

Day 4: Jesus Dies and Comes back to Life. GOD LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT!  The Bible verse for today was “Lead me along the path of everlasting Life.” Psalm 139:24 What another wonderful day! Two of my kids informed me that they believed in Jesus and that they wished they could go To church to learn more. They were only 5 and 7 years old! I told them that they could ask their parents to drop them off for Sunday school or arrange for a pick up because we would LOVE to have them here. They are hoping to come to Wednesday Night KFC (Kids For Christ) in September. We got to have rice Crispy squares for snack time and wrote more God sightings. We then practiced our songs that we would be singing that evening up on the stage! We snuck around the church trying to hide from aRoman Guard and found ourselves in an attic. This is where we met Peter and he told us about how he let his friend Jesus Down. he denied Jesus when jesus needed him the most. We all encoraged Peter and told him that it was ok because even when we mess up sometimes people still love us especially God. We went to crafts to make some really neat crosses. We covered a wooden cross with junk such as milk tabs, pop tabs, old puzzle peices, buttons and paper. After we glued them on we covered the cross with Silver Spray paint to show that Jesus takes our “Junk” and covers it! What a wonderful craft! Outside at games we had to work together to roll a ball through bamboo to the other side. We then got soaked when we tossed wet sponges at whoever had the garbage bag poncho on, the person with the poncho had to try catching the sponges in their poncho. This represented carrying a heavy load for the team. We then went inside for rowdy wrap up and to continue Chadder’s adventure.

Family Night!

The kids got to show their Moms and Dads what they learned at Pandamania VBS. We got up and sang songs (and yes I went up to join in the actions.) I have plenty of great pics and video but am not able/allowed  to post them online. The Parents got to see the slideshows of pictures and got to hear all about each Bible adventure! Afterwards we had some snacks in the family room. I met up with some of my crew member’s parents and I told their parents about how wonderful their kids were this week. It was such a blessing to have a great crew!

Day 5: God Gives Hannah a Baby.( 1 Samuel 1:1-11) GOD GIVES GOOD GIFTS. Our Bible Verse for this day was “You place your hand of blessing on my head.” Psalm 139:5 What another wonderful Bible point! The best Gift I got this week was connecting with my crew. I even adopted a Crew member because a little boy totally took a liking to me and thought I was the coolest person ever. He was such a little cutie! We got to play Volley Ball today at games and got to soak people with water ballons, of course we had to hit the target with a ball first.

We went to snacks to have some Icecream and to sit in a circle and say something nice about the person to our Right. Some of the compliments were just too adorable! We then went to learn all about Hannah and how she really wanted a baby, God gave her a son named Samuel who Hannah gave back to God. But this is a good thing because Samuel was God’s wonderful Prophet who annointed King David!  We got a nice candy treat. I had to leave after the Bible Adventure but I do know the kids put a picture of their group in a picture frame and decorated it. I guess someone will have to fill me in on the conclusion of Chadder.

What an amazing week! It could not have been done without the many volunteers who set things up, volunteered to clean, work in the kitchen, work the stations, and lead the children to their stations. There were over 100 children registered for VBS! The week was fantastic. I learned so much durring my time as a volunteer crew leader and I got to meet some amazing people. I want to thank everyone for being so awesome! But most of all THANKYOU GOD!




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