One of my favorite places to be is at my Inlaws’ Farm in Marmora Ontario. Whether it’s just hanging out inside on a rainy day or going outside to explore the many possibilities we always have such a wonderful time. It is a great place for little explorers too. Aurora loves to visit her Aunties (Crystal 6, Kassy 11 and Missy 14) and her friend Marissa who is 4. Aurora and her Auntie Crystal went to visit some of the horses on the farm. Crystal’s Miniature Horse, Baby Spirit, is one of their favorites. He can be ridden bare back or with a saddle, usually we opt for no saddle as he’s easy enough to just lead around with a small kid on his back.

The Cats on the farm had kittens 2 months ago and there are still 7 kittens roaming about. Most run and hide from the kids but there is one orange kitten and the two dark Calicos that are absolute sweethearts. Always purring and looking for attention. The kittens need new homes but if they can’t find homes some will probably stay and help with rodent control. Looks like the kitties may need names.

Ham and Eggs are the newest additions to the farm, although they have already been there a few months. Ham is the multicolour piggy and he is the male while Eggs is the Brown piggy and she is female. Hopefully they will breed cute little pigletts. Lucky For Ham he is now too old to go to the Butcher shop so he may end up being a stud. I know, people hate that cute piggies have to go to the butcher shop but where do you think your bacon comes from? Most likely pig factories where the pigs never see the light of day. Farm pigs get to roam free, have plenty of room and they are not fed feed that contains who knows what. Will we eat some of the piggies…maybe.But for now they are just the happiest piggies alive and LOVE attention and food.

The above pictures are some of the long term borders. The Grey Horse is Beny, the Chestnut is Satin Girl. Benny and Satin are using a team work method to keep flies out of their faces. They are using each other’s tails. Many horses actually pair up to do this. Seeing as how horses never seem to keep their fly masks on, using team work seems to be helpful. The paint Pony is Irish.

Here we have our girls Sweets (Left) and Zen. Sweets is the most amazing horse for riding, she is PERFECT for any beginer rider of any age. Not very many have ever fallen off Sweets. Zen on the other hand, many have taken a fall on her BUT she’s a quarter horse so the falls weren’t that bad. She just has the tendancy to go all western attitude on people. Zen is a beautiful horse with a whole lot of spunk. My family aquired her when her owner gave her up due to cancer(her pervious owner has Cancer). Zen’s owner could no longer look after her so Zen is now a Permanent Resident on the farm, she couldn’t have been brought to a better place, many people give her and all the other horses plenty of TLC.

Lucy (Left) and Sal (Right) are the newest Boarders on the farm. Both are quarter horses and are total sweet hearts! They absolutely LOVE ear scratches and hugs.

Dean is the oldest Horse at the farm, I do believe he is 30 years old now. He is a retired race horse, Dean has led a great life and is now spending his retirement at Wolf Creek where he gets to eat fresh green grass and greet new commers. The Horse on the right is Atticus, one of the Colts in training here at the farm. He is in for halter training then will be sent off somewhere else for more training. He has gotten much better since he first arrived, he now greets everyone and does not spook as easily.

And last but not least, what is a farm without Chickens and roosters? The roosters wake everyone up at 6am then crow all day. The hens provide everyone with free run eggs. These are free range chickens, they go where they please. There is nothing more rewarding than eating a free ranged egg. It’s good to know that your eggs don’t come from an egg farm that crams all their hens away. There are currently 6 hens and 4 roosters. The colourful one is Pare and he is the dominant rooster.

I left out two horses in the blog, Dublin a colt in for training and Drew one of the permant residents. Did not have good pictures of the boys but maybe next time. There sure is lots to do at the farm. Whether it’s trying to fix the tractor, the lawn mower or just enjoying the majestic horses, Wolf Creek is the place to be. But mainly we go because there is nothing more rewarding than time spent with family. We all have such a blast, the farm life is a great life. hard work most times but so very rewarding.

  1. Linda says:

    Keep up the great work Jessie, I really enjoyed this one.

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