Summer Journey Part 1-Riverview Zoo Peterborough

Posted: July 5, 2011 in parenting
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So Summer has officially Started and I have an active 5 year old daughter who is experiencing her first Summer vacation (From School that is). Last Summer she was with me every day as I worked at our Bulk Food store, the store has since been sold and this is the first summer without the store to keep us busy. Teens used to take Aurora to the park, play with chalk in front of the store or bring her to the Library. This summer it’s just her and I as we find things to do.

So our first summer adventure was The Riverview Zoo in Peterborough Ontario. This zoo has free admission but a donation is encouraged. There is plenty for little ones to do. There is a splash Pad for hot summer days, a big park, picnic area, animals to observe and a Train ride that takes kids on a mini adventure. There are Lemurs, Monkeys, birds, Llamas, a Fox, Cougar, Bob Cat, Otters, Snakes and much more. The Otters and Monkeys are a zoo favorite as they are always active.

The Monkeys were very active.

We saw Timone There as well. Aurora said it was a monkey and when I said it was a meerkat she exclaimed “That’s not a Cat!”

There is a really cool and fairly large bat at the zoo.

Aurora getting up close to the camel.

We encountered a duckling in the Ottanaby River.

The Otters came out for a swim, the kids absolutely LOVE watching the Otters.

Then what better way to end the day than to enjoy the splash pad. A great place for kids to cool off.

We had an awesome time. Food there is very cheap unlike the overpriced stuff at the Toronto Zoo. There are quite a bit of animals, just enough to entertain kids. I totally recomend that if you are in the Peterborough area, check out the Riverview zoo. Don’t forget to bring along a bit of extra change to donate so that this zoo can operate.

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