Canada day Journey

Posted: July 2, 2011 in random

I experienced the best Canada day EVER with family yesterday. I wanted to give both myself, my husband and my daughter a really fun experience for Canada Day and we had a blast. The only family member who sadly missed out was the dog but she got to go for a long walk and swim before we left to experience some fun festivities.

Our first stop was to the Cobourg Water front festival. There is a Craft show, Vendors and midway at the water front all Canada day weekend. We stopped in at the Midway for some midway food because I was craving something nice and greasy and unhealthy like usual. We then manouvered around the thousand people on the sandy beach…most just tanning or standing around looking pretty. But for those with small children like ourselves we moved up to the water front to go for a swim. Normally I run around in lakes yelling “Fish! Fish! Fish! Seaweed! Eww!” because I have issues with fish and weeds for some reason, in the picture above I was screaming “Cold! Cold! I Can’t feel my feet!” It was true, the water was VERY cold. The beach is  very nice, no fish at all. There is also nice sand so sand castles are a must.

Or big holes like what my Husband was making. He played with he sand while Aurora threw sand balls at the water.

Over all Cobourg has a very nice beach, it’s safe, clean and you can go pretty far out before it gets deep. A Life Guard is on duty at the beach durring the day and there is also a beach voley ball area and soccer area. Washrooms are on site as well as two splash pads and a park.

We went to Wimpy’s Dinner for some dinner. Aurora had a milk shake and some fries. The food was great, it has been quite a while since we last had food from Wimpy’s.

And of course, to join us on our adventure are Anadralius and Icingdeath all decked out in Canada Day decorations. I Thought the White and Red Dragons would be very festive. Anadralius (The Big one) Got plenty of compliments and people adored her Canada Day gear.

We headed to Hastings Ontario to watch Fireworks on the Trent River. Hastings has the biggest and best dysplay in Canada for a town it’s size. Double the population of this town show up to watch the display of fireworks. We got there 4 hours before fireworks so Nick took a nap while Aurora played in the river by a sandy area. The water was much warmer than Lake Ontario so she sat in the river with some other kids for about an hour. There was live music, a BBQ, games and plenty of friendly people. We met lots of people we know. I tried Funnel cake for the first time and now I REALLY want to make some in my deep fryer…I’m sure I can figure it out.

Picture above: I know, shouldn’t I be on Nick’s lap and not him on mine? LOL. His back was hurting so he leaned on me for once.

Aurora also played with a few dogs. This Golden Retriever was very affectionate and was trying to cuddle with Aurora. There is a King Shepherd Pup behind the Golden Retriever. This dog was a big charmer with everyone.

And of course what we were waiting for…FIREWORKS! Amazing display. The favorite was the ones that went into the water then blew up in the water. There were many big fireworks and Hastings got to try out a new set of fireworks sent from Spain. It was well done, everyone enjoyed themselves and Aurora was amazed. We all came home nice and tired. We had an awesome Canada Day 🙂 I might not have gotten to see the Royal couple in Ottawa but hey, I still had a really great time.

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