A Fun and Simple Date Idea.

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

What to do on a Monday when your kid is at school…

I experienced an absolutely awesome Date with my Husband, Nick. After dropping our Daughter off at school we went for Breakfast/coffee at the local dinner then we headed out on an adventure. We did not have to travel far. Our Backyard backs into a large pond and on the other side of this large pond is a large hill with the most AMAZING view of our town. So we canoed on over to the hill, climbed up it and took a glance at the Town of Norwood Ontario.

Our adventure did not stop there, we continued into the forest behind us and walked along trails as well as through the actual forest. It was very serene and we saw lots of little wild life. Turns out there are tonnes of wild Raspberry bushes all over the place and in the next two weeks those berries will be ripe for picking. We have hopes of returning to pick raspberries, perhaps we can create another date out of it.

We walked through the forest for a while then found ourselves taking a path which leads to the River. This time of year the river is very shallow and it merely trickles. We trekked up the river a few weeks ago while it was strong and water was cascading down on the rocks making a very nice little water fall.

We spent some time chilling on the rocks near the water and attempting to catch minnows, we failed but I came close to scooping one up. This creek is used for the run off from spring thaw, it becomes virtually dry in the summer. If you go down river more there is an underground spring that feeds the river and thr river runs into the pond. The location where the underground spring is, is very beautiful and we likde to visit the area a lot.

On our way back we caught a Turtle, it wasn’t very impressed with is but it’s too little to snap. There are large Snapping turtles in the pond, we see them quite regularily now. You never know what neat things you will see when you take a nice relaxing canoe trip in the pond. The Pond is full of life and we are so fortunate to have it in our back yard.

Nick and I had a lovely date, we got excersize and experienced an adventure. I can’t wait to trek up there again.


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