My road to Geekdom

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Geek

There was a time I had a dream of being Popular and pretty and coo-kind of like the girls on clueless and other similar valley girl TV shows. I imagined myself being envied, having all the guys ask me to prom, have girls wishing to be me. I was going to date the top athlete, be the top of my class and have high fashion…HA! Dumbest Dream EVER! I’m so glad that I became a nerd and didn’t even come close to popularity or cool. Whew, relief. Honestly I don’t envy popular girls or Jocks, and I’m glad I never ended up dating a Jock because I couldn’t handle the ego trip.

My geek Destiny began in 1999. I found a magnemite Pokemon card on the ground. I was fascinated and I got sucked in to the craze. And really, Pokemon is a craze and I can’t really call it a fad as it’s still pretty popular. I remember going to the corner store and buying those knock off cards.You know the thinner cards that had the purple backing? It wasn’t until I had about 160 of them that I realized they were fake and worthless. But I eventually got the real ones. I also got the game for game boy which I spent hours on. I caught all 151 Pokemon in Pokemon Blue and of course like everyone else used the Missingno cheat. Good times! When I was in grade 8 and all the popular girls stood around in a circle chatting about boys, Dawsons creek and makeup I was out chilling with the 5th graders trading Pokemon cards and battling Pokemon on the game boy. I was destined to be a geek, I was the ONLY 8th grade girl NOT in that circle. But in all honesty Pokemon was sooo much better than Dawson’s creek.

Star Wars Episode 1 got me into star Wars. I did like the original 3 movies but I got caught up in the Star Wars Craze. I won’t deny that I actually like Jar Jar Binks *Guilty*. I collected the Star Wars Pop cans too, you know, Pepsi with Anakin Skywalker’s face on it? I had the whole collection but It got tossed a year later. Yoda was also more kick ass in episode 1 so I became an instant fan. Everyone loves Yoda right? My Star Wars fandom grew over the years.

I had a Digimon phase too. Japanese TV shows are just that awesome!!! Digimon is definitely geeky!

I was ify about seeing X-men when it came into theaters but my parents dragged me anyway. And I LOVED it! I instantly fell in love with X-men and watched the movie over and over again. There are few movies I watch multiple times and X-men happens to be up there on top of my most viewed list. I automatically became a huge Storm fan, she is one of my favorite X-men Characters. I watched the TV show religiously and bought some of the comic books. I fell in love with all super hero movies after X-men, so I’m very glad X-men paved the way for my love of Marvel and DC.Right now my favorite X-men character is Gambit.

Harry Potter. Who doesn’t love Harry Potter?? From the first book I became a fan. J.K Rowling is a talented author and knows how to captivate readers. I read all the books from start to finish within hours. I attended the midnight shows of Harry Potter and had posters plastered on my walls. And Harry Potter is still Uber cool, it’s a magical story for all ages.

Lord Of the Rings paved the way for my fantasy obsession. Elves are awesome all because of LOTR. I got called an Elf in High school and took it as a compliment. How can I not? Elves are sexy! Especially Orlando Bloom. Eye candy RAWR! Lord of the Rings = Epic Awesome!

Yes, I got into Yugi-Oh as well. In fact I still own over 1000 Cards. I had quite the deck and I beat many of the neighborhood kids in card battles. Most of the cards I have now were actually purchased after I graduated from High School. Mind you, I have never beaten my Husband deck ><

Dragons! I got a Dragon Obsession in grade 9. T-shirts, Posters, figurines. I still collect Dragon stuff. My Livingroom is Dragon Themed and I have a twitter account for my 1 foot tall plastic dragon. Dragons are just AWESOME. I wish they were real. I am a huge fan of dragon novels, movies and anything dragon. Even though they do not exist they are majestic and beautiful.

I got into Manga and Anime in grade 11. Alice 19th was the first series I read and loved. I’ve read all sorts of Manga series and I guess my Anime love began with Sailor Moon when I was 8. Sailor moon was AWESOME. I watched Inuyasha, Dragon Ball Z, Escaflowne, Naruto and so many other Anime series. There is so much out there I have yet to watch. I don’t have a huge Manga collection because I simply read all my manga at the Library or I would go sit in Chapters for a few hours and read.

Star Trek. Oh yes. I dated a guy when I was in grade 10 and he was a big Trekkie, I swore that I would NEVER like Star Trek. I met Nick (My Husband) in Grade 11 and I found out he was also a Trekkie. He told me that one day I would like Star Trek and I laughed. He also said we’d get married one day and I laughed at that too. So here I am today, a big Trekkie. All thanks to Brent Spinner and his role as Data. All it took was the Dancing Data episode and voila I began to actually like Star Trek. I gave it a chance. And soon enough I was a Next Generation fan. I love all the series, I love Klingons and Ferengi. Quark and Odo are favorites and I named my dog after Seven of Nine from Voyager. I have a huge Trek obsession today. Never would I have imagined having to drag my husband to see a Star Trek movie, ask anyone who went with me, I was giddier than a kid going to Disney Land. I was so proud of standing in line with all my fellow Trekkies. And Now I talk non stop about Star Trek. My husban and I are currently watching DS9 from start to finish.

Dungeons and Dragons. All thanks to a comic book store opening up near my Husband’s house. I was 8 months pregnant when my Fiancee (Now hubby) dragged me in to the Comic Book store. Seemed harmless, I might potentially buy stuff right? Little did he know he made a financial mistake. A big one! He asked me if he could buy the core rule books for 3.5 D&D, I looked at them and said “Yeah sure I’ll play…oooohhh pretty minis!” Most women have shoe and clothes obsessions, I had a D&D Miniature Obsession. I have over 300 Minis which isn’t enough. My first character is Pompernickle Rye a Gnome Druid. I was playing D&D when my water broke. I still Play D&D, I love D&D. I mean come on, explain the Dragon twitter account. I broke her flame but hey, I can fix it. I also read D&D novels (Drizzt rocks) and have D&D posters and use D&D slang in real life. I’m a D&D geek. D&D paved the way for my love of all Table Top RPGs. I now play Rifts, Dead Reign, Mekton Z, Battle Lords, Star Wars, Deadlands, Silver age Sentinels etc. I try out new Table top RPGs all the time. It’s loads of fun and sure beats sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end.

Star Gate. Can’t leave that out! My Star Gate Twitter followers would KILL me. Yes I’m a Star Gate fan too. Particularly Atlantis. Joe Flanigan RAWR! Even though David Hewett the guy who plays Rodney McKay is my fave character I so totally hav a crsuh on Joe Flanigan 🙂 What lady doesn’t!? I like the other Star Gate series but Atlantis is my fave!

Batman! Both the new batman and vintage Batman. Who doesn’t love the old Batman and Robin Movie? It’s so bad it’s good! I have been a Batman fan since I was 5. My daughter is also a huge Batman Fan so this means Batman is AWESOME! Come on it’s Batman, he’s awesome Because he’s Batman!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 🙂 Man how I wish she would come back to slay those pathetic Vamps from Twilight. Also Spike, Hottest vamp EVER. I mean Iwasn’t watching Buffy because of Spike, Okay yes I was but  love the other characters too. I can’t count the times I watched the musical episode.

My Road to geekdom is a long one and things get added all the time. I love vintage geek things like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Ninja Turtles etc. I didn’t even cover everything. All I can say is I started out not wanting to be a geek yet here I am being a proud geek. Geeks all the way. Geeks have way more fun! So geek on everyone!


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