Lifting off Burdens one at a time

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Faith, Storm

We all do it, talk behind friends backs all the time. Bash others to make our selves feel superior. I’m guilty of bashing many people. I’ve said harsh things, mean things and untruthful things. I’ve exaggerated, I’ve scoffed and torn people down. There is no way I can say I’m perfect because I am not nor will I ever be. There’s a fine line between hurtful insults and playful ones. I was in a deep hole that was making my heart rot. I judged but didn’t want to be judged myself. And I know I’m not alone, so many people do it.

But there came a time where I slowed down on my back talking. I stopped it with my friends but hesitated to stop with family matters. I think both are very important and if I can end bashing certain people no matter how much they get under my skin I can learn to do the same with family. Why cause drama? Why cause discomfort? Why poison my heart with senseless things? A great burden was lifted off my shoulder when I stopped to think before saying something mean about a friend or enemy, the same burden is lifted when I hold my tounge when I’m about to complain about family members. There is drama in both my side of the family and Nick’s which is very unfortunate, I wish all could get along. Posting complaints on Social networking is pointless and honestly people look down on that. We have all done our rants and those who have not, well that’s very smart. Ranting about your family or friends or co workers or enemies over facebook is not the best thing to do, while it may get a vent out it will bring darkness into our hearts and make it that much easier to vent and complain the next time. And it hurts me to see people’s statuses openely insulting people out of anger instead of concern. I have hurt people deeply because I’ve done such things and I regret it.

When I don’t say harsh things I feel free. When I forgive I am set free. I don’t care if the other person continues to be a pest, when I forgive I free myself from unessesary junk. If I can let go of a grudge then I can move on and be happy. I’ve released so many grudges and it caused so many friendship opportunities. Hearts were fixed. People began to trust me once again, I began to trust others. It’s absolutely wonderful. I’ve been forgiven by some in return and wonderful friendships were mended. There is nothing more rewarding than a mended friendship.

So being a forgiving person I have lifted a GREAT burden. This is just one of the burdens I carry and one that most carry as well. As I pray each day new burdens are lifted. I’ll admit I can’t do it on my own strength, I have had to rely on God for help. I have tried to forgive on my own and I never suceeded so I thank God Every day for taking my burdens away and setting me free. Relying on God is not a weakness it is a strength. And it’s a strength I will always admit so long as I live. There are just so many things hard to forgive but the Holy Spirit can come in and do it for you. There are so many people that are just not loveable but again, through Jesus it’s possible. I look at my mentors, those who love the unlovable, those who love the criminals, those who love the socially unaccepted and I see that they have had burdens lifted off thier shoulders so they can reach out to the unloveable and unforgiveable. I see this freedome and I want it. It’s possible.

I know I’ll stumble and slip but at the same time I will have victory each time I express self control and each time I have my thought process changed. Our greatest weakness is jumping to conclusions all the time then judging everyone. It’s time to stop judging, it’s time to stop bashing and it’s time to START reaching out with Love. Because without Love, the heart is unmendable.

I am free


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