Geek Report-June

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Geek
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Jess’ Monthly geek report.

Hello fellow geeks! The month of June was pretty geeky for me so here is my report on the geekness of my world.


My gaming group has just wrapped up our Dead Reign Campaign (A pen and Paper Zombie RPG), our last mission was to rescue some base members from Florida who were in Death Cultist territory. Dead Reign is a fun RPG to play, it mixes Zombies with other elements such as people with the ability to control the undead as well as crazy undead abominations. My character was thrown through a wall by an abominaton and I became what is known as a half dead, I lost a few stats BUT became super strong so my almost useless Survivor character actually became useful. We have come across Thinking zombies, intelligent zombies and a lot of wacky characters.

Now that the Zombie RPG is wrapped up we will be starting something a little different. We’ve been playing Rifts, D&D, Silverage Sentinels etc for quite some time so the group is in need of a change. We will be starting “Deadlands” a Western RPG that involves playing cards as well as dice, paper and pen. I do not know a whole lot about the system but it does sound fun. It is a GURP system with a twist. I have not had the opportunity to play GURPS yet but I’ve heard a lot about it.

Top 10 June Twitter Nerds:











Thankyou fellow twitter nerds/geeks for brightening up my geeky world. And as a big thankyou for many laughs I have decided to include a picture of the wonderful @HarrysHaus who btw discovered a cadbury Dragon egg…man, I didn’t think they made those anymore. I better contact Cadbury to hook me up with some dragon eggs.

Zombie action plan:

#5 Hit up the food bank while everyone is busy raiding the super market. It makes perfect sense. Nobody thinks of raiding food banks and it’s all conveniently Non Perishable food!

#19 Have an emergency treehouse built that is in a strong tall tree. Make sure to have a rope ladder that you can pull up. Zombies can’t climb. Have a few weeks worth of food and water stored up there. Also make sure to have supplies like bug spray, blankets etc.

Summer Movies:

I finally got to check out X-men First class. Love it! The X-men movies are all well done (Well except X-men Origins Wolverine which was mediocre) I’m a huge X-men fan and another X-men movie gave me a geekgasm! The movie was action packed, full of some humor, and the acting was amazing. There was not a dull moment in the movie so I’m super happy with it. I’m hoping to see Green Lantern next even though I have heard some bad reviews.

Geek Adventures:

As promised, I took Anadralius and Star Fleet on a small adventure. There’s enough nature in my back yard to supply story line AND my daughter enjoyed her pool party with the guys from Star Fleet. She almost drowned Scottie though.

I also got the opportunity to go on an adventure in a big Antique store. Never know what you’ll find. The antique store in question is located on Highway 7 East of Peterborough beside Safety First. There are 25 + vendors and lots of stuff to have a look at. I of course came across some geeky items. I really want to buy the WWII Gas mask and the frag helmet. WWII interests me and I think it would be sooo cool to have some memorabelia. I also discovered Original Lion king Nala and Simba Stuffies in amazing condition. There were Star wars key chains, Harry Potter items etc. But best of all I discovered Star Trek action figures! Not the entire collection but most of my fave characters were there at $6 a peice so to me that’s a bargain. I really want to go back with some money to purchase them. There was also a Quark Mug, the original board games and the full character/episode guide! I also saw a Batgirl Barbie, samurai swords and stuff that can so totally be used for LARPing. (LARP stands for Live Action Roll Playing, for all my non geek friends out there). I would LOVE to go LARPing one day, it looks like so much fun!

This concludes my geek report. Hoping to have more geek adventures in July. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on my geek adventures. I’d LOVE to hear yours as well if you are taking time to read this, I’m thinking of featuring fellow geeks in my blog so if you are interested leave me a comment or find me on Twitter (Ya’ll know where and how to find me, twitter is like my drug). If you have anything interesting to write about, or if you want to get interviewed about your geekness I would LOVE to feature you.

Live Long and Prosper fellow Geeks!



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