Farmville-The Reality Version

Posted: June 15, 2011 in random
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I used to play Farmville on Facebook and remember the big craze. Many of my friends still religiously play Farmville and I still get invites and gifts, I still have my farm on facebook, my 12th level farm over run by nothing more than gifted animals and trees that I some times on occasion will go and harvest. I play my share of facebook games but always eventually get bored and stop commiting to collecting and harvesting and sending out gifts to people on a daily basis.

With Farmville it’s the same thing, you grow stuff, you have to log on at a certain time to harvest stuff, you have to ask your friends for gifts so you can complete stupid quests, you try and make your farm land look cooler than all your friend’s farm lands. You sit in the comfort of your own home, away from the sun and bugs to do farming. I could imagine that in the event of a zombie appocalypse or some other disaster that deems computers useless, everyone would have to actually go OUTSIDE to play Farmville. That’s right, actual labour and not the convenient press of a little button. Bone aches, bug bites, sun burn, the dissapointment of a crappy growing season…oh yes the Reality Version of Farmville! One that has amazingly been played for centuries! One that is played today but with the help of machinery of course.

So how does one get to experience the Reality version of Farmville? Well with a little Hobby garden of course! You know it always confused me how on Cityville Beans took 4 days to grow and Corn took like only 12 hours…when in reality Beans grow quite quickly and Corn takes a whole season to finally be ready, but I guess Zynga did not do their research. But anyways other than the confusing non sense of Zynga games, one can experience the joys of farming right in their own back yard. All you need is a back yard. So if you live in an appartment…well I guess your stuck with flowers and potted herbs and tomatoes.

Here’s what needs to be done:

1. Like Farmville you need to have a plot first. How do you make this plot? Spend a few hours Row Tilling the grass until it’s dirt. OR do it the hard way which is by shovel, and every single hole you make with that shovel you have to pull the grass and weeds out, shake them to get dirt off, toss them then shake the dirt with the shovel. Voila you have your plot.

2. Now you have to rake your plot to make the soil nice and loose.

3. Buy some seeds or seedlings for the garden. Research must be done. When to plant, how to plant, where to plant, how long it will take to grow, what to plant near it, how to avoid pests, how much to water etc. Also note many plants must be planted indoors first then transplanted other wise you must buy seedlings. Good starter plants for gardeners are beans, peas, Carrots, Tomatoes (Seedlings), Raddish, Zuchinni and cucumbers.

4. Now that you have planted, water the garden daily (unless of course Mother Nature does it for you)

5. Weeds pop up. This means you will have to weed the garden at least one a week. Pull the large weeds out, rake the small ones.

6. Then you wait until you have veggies…

7. Harvest the Veggies.

Sounds easy right? It is but it’s a commitment. You will get dirty, you will get sweaty, you will get a tan, you will get attacked by bugs, but best of all you will get a work out. And you get to eat what you sow!

I have my very own Farmville plot in my yard. I tilled it by hand this year. I have weeded it 6 times so far. I’m still planting stuff. I will have about 100 tomato plants when I’m done. We just made a Strawberry plot which should produce fruit next year. My Daughters 3 cucumber plants are growing nicely. My Husband planted Raddish. I planted some Pumpkin and Lettuce and there’s some Squash popping up everywhere from last years crop. I’ve got myself a nice little garden and although My neighbour’s garden looks neater and more decorated I love my Garden. I also have a very nice tan. I must say, the reality version of Farmville is much better than the computer game version.

  1. Fellow gamer here, who is just discovering the fun of gardening myself. I had been a life-long apartment dweller until this past year.

    As there are large flower beds in the backyard of the house I’m renting, I decided to try planting a few things. I’ve had fresh herbs and lettuce for the past couple weeks. Can’t wait until the veggies start popping. I totally agree that it’s a lot of fun!

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