Jess’ Geekly report for the month of May

Geek Parenting 101

I Thought to myself “Maybe letting my 5 year old Daughter watch Batman isn’t good parenting.” Well It isn’t, it’s geek parenting. It’s also less harmless than you think. When I was 5 my mom let me watch terminator 2 Judgement Day. This movie became my favorite movie as I aquired my very first crush on John Connor! Come on, that’s cute right? I also watched Ninja Turtles Religiously, I was allowed to watch Ren and Stimpy and Power Rangers. At recess (Kindergarten) the teachers did not seem to care that all the kids were pretending to be Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers. Today my daughter’s black poncho that she was using as a bat cape was confiscated due to class room disruption. Some Parents may look down on me…but I can’t help but feel a sence of pride for my Daughter’s geek interests! As for Ren and Stimpy, that’s out of the question. The fact that my daughter picked her nose to present her “Nose Goblins” means it is safe to say that the Ren and Stimpy Tape has been hidden.

She asked me for a Batman toy for her birthday and I succeeded by finding a Batman and Robin toy at McDonalds. She was happy to get Batman and Robin and has been using them to fight crime. They have fought the notorious Littlest Pet shop Penguin, the infamous Pink Pony bank robber and Swiper the Fox. Batman and Robin have headquarters at Dora’s talking mansion where Dora’s dad had been named Alfred. Batman, Robin along with Michealangelo the Ninja turtle have been busy foiling Swipers plans of swiping. Gotham Bedroom is safe with these noble heroes.

Zombie Plan

Due to high interest in the CDC’s newest epidemic prepareness guide, I have decided to share some of my many Zombie plans. The CDC left out many key points, while they may have prepared people for a Hurricane, flood, tornado etc they have missed many points of the zombie outbreak.

#56 Build floating platform on middle of pond, Zombies can not swim.

#86 Stockpile Roman Candles, Zombies like lights and will be distracted by pretty flying balls of colourful fire. While they observe the lightshow, make quick escape.


Summer Geek Films Kickoff

I am kicking the Summer off by seeing Thor this weekend at the Brand new Drive in located in Havelock Ontario. Thor and Rango will both be playing this weekend for the low price of $11 for both movies. The weather looks nice and clear. I am so psyched to go to the Drive in as now I will be able to afford my movie splurge. With so many great geek films comming to theaters this year it is safe to say I will be able to see them all! Drive ins are great! My daughter can come free of charge so there is no need for a babysitter. I’ve let Aurora watch Batman so Thor won’t be too bad right? Here’s hoping! This year’s movie line up is Captain America, X-men, Transformers, Harry Potter, Cowboys and Aliens, Kung fu Panda 2 and many more. Here’s hoping for some geat weekend weather forcasts all summer.


Just wrapped up the Silver age sentinels School campaign for now. I still have my original Character “Brock Monroe son of Storm” who is still team leader. He has aquired a small curse where when a female touches him who is NOT his girlfriend he turns into a Llama. Every 5 minutes, he gets poked so I have been fighting crime as a Llama that controls the weather. We are first year students at a super hero academy and we have faced more theats than any of our other Silver age campaigns. We have uncovered a dastardly plot by Appocalypse a very powerful super Villian. We have come face to face with Cuthulu, we have faced the four Horsemen of the appocalypse and my Husbands Character “Orien, the Nanite Healer” has resurected War and allowed War to defeat the other three horse(women). War made Orien his queen thus making Orien an NPC so Nick has a new character to write up for the next time we play. Many famous super heroes are head master’s of the school.

We will be continuing with either the Dead Reign (Zombie) campaign OR the Mekton Z (Mecha) Campiagn for the month of June.

My Top 10 twitter Nerds











These are my Twitter Geeks for the Month of May. If you are reading this and your name is not on my list…no worries, just tell me off as if you are insulted and I will definately include your name next month 🙂 You are all so awesome and keep on geeking!I totally recomend to anyone that these people listed above be followed on Twitter.

GLaDOS “Still Alive” for Rockband

I signed into my Rockband the other day to see that it had updated. To my surprise it was the song “Still Alive” by GLaDOS from Portal. Love that song, Love that game and I had a MAJOR geekgasm. Anyone who has Portal on their Xbox 360 will get this song for free if they have an Xbox live account and play Rock Band as well. I have sung this song multiple times. LOVE IT!


My Dragon, Anadralius, has not been on an adventure for a while as I have been rather busy. No worries, she will join me on a few documented adventures this summer. Pictures included of course. We’re not sure what we will do but I have my mind set on a Beach trip, Drive In Trip, Canoe trip and hopefully camping. For now you can follow her sarcastic tweets @epicreddragon on twitter. Anadralius brings laughter to the hearts of many geeks so we will keep up the good work. She’s not an alternate personality I SWEAR!

New Friends

I have aquired 4 new plastic friends. I am pleased to introduce Plastic Chekov, Spock, McCoy and Scottie. I found them at Dollarama and they are the official Star Trek Movie action figures. Young Spock and Captain Kirk can not be found unfortunately. I am thinking of including them in some summer adventures so stay tuned. Who knows what alien life they will discover.

Canucks? Nerds?

It has come to my attention that some of my non nerdy friends have called the Canucks a bunch of nerds. It;s odd because I have seen multiple tweets saying the same thing. Apparently The Canucks are uncool and can be compared to either Boston or Tampa Bay in the following way: Vancouver is like the witty Greeks following their witty Greek gods and Tampa and Boston are like the men of Valhalla, Vikings who follow the mighty Thor. Well if you put it THAT way I am just going to say All the teams are infact geeks, One uses Brains the others Brauns. So we shall see if Brains or brauns wins. I have also been informed that there are many geeks in vancouver, many of them twitter stalking me. These Geeks are cool people therefor I shall cheer on the Canucks. After all, all remaining teams have equal Canadians playing on them. So It makes perfect sense that I cheer for the one in CANADA.

Grand Fantasia

I have been playing a free online game called Grand Fantasia. I’ve been playing since last year but stopped playing for a while. My Husband and I have decided to play the game again. I am currently working on my Sage character while Nick is working on his level 51 Paladin. I’m trying to catch up. The game is fun, it’s a great online community and it’s FREE! It’s like World Of War Craft except it’s more Anime style and you don’t have to give your life to a guild.

This concludes my Geek report. Stay Tuned, will have some geek movie reviews by next month! Keep on Geeking! Live long and Prosper.

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