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It has been 6 years since I graduated from Henry Street Highschool in whitby Ontario. Next weekend (May 29th) Henry is hosting a big reunion for all the alumni in the last 50 years. I hope to attend this event as I would love to meet other graduates and see pictures of what HSHS was like in other decades. I have already seen pictures of Mr. Pucknel and how he looks exactly the same now as he was in the 70’s and I saw Mr. Fukes wonderful 80’s hair do!

Over the 4 years I attended HSHS I have some wonderful and fun memories. Some were not the best memories but I laugh at them now. I have gone through some Highschool hardships but at the same time I have really enjoyed attending HSHS. So I have decided to write about my fondest memories of each year I attended.

Niner Minor

Grade Nine. My freshman year. While all the other freshmen came in groups and huddled together in fear, I entered alone. I had no friends attending Henry so I walked in, blended and went strait to my homeroom which was Mr. Fuke’s English class. I remember siting there for 10 whole minutes waiting for the rest of the class to show up. The gawd aweful song “Welcome back” played over the intercom. And daily I would endure The William Tell Overture morning and afternoon. They have apparently changed the song to the Mission impossible theme song which makes me sort of jealous. In 9th grade I dressed “Normal” for the most part in hopes of just blending in and not being bothered. But One day I met some friends who I began to hang around with. My friends introduced me to the world of The Oshawa Generals, a Junior Hockey team who attended HSHS…this was news to me as I thought the Generals were a bunch of University Students! So hey why not, I attended some games because I loved hockey. This is the year I became a puck Bunny, this is the year I aquired my first major crush on one of the hockey players. While all the girls cheered and were crushing on Nathan Horton (Who is now a Boston Bruin) I fell head over heels for some guy who was just standing around with two other team mates during the first game I attended. This was a huge crush, I sent him a valentines gift, I bought his pictures, I cheered for him, I couldn’t even look him in the eye without turning bright red…oh yes what a crush, I was too shy to even look at my crush. One time he tried to talk to me and I actually took off to run home and tell my mom that he ALMOST talked to me. I can’t even bash Bieber fanatics right now because I can honestly say I was in their shoes at one time and this is when I crushed on #11 from the Oshawa Generals. (His number changed the next year).I think having a crush was significant, it made up at least 50% of my highschool memories and it made me look forward to going to school.

Grade 10

The year I began dressing punky and wearing that aweful green eye liner. Why on earth did I wear dark green eye liner? I avoided the Oshawa Generals the best I could that year, I no longer had my posse to hang out with right in front of the guys. I never really felt comfortable standing near them anyway as I knew they did not want us there. So I simply ignored them and didn’t acknowledge them, however I still had a big crush and I still attended the games…with my parents. This was also the year my crush sat out half the season and once I discovered he had a girlfriend I moved on and started to date my college friend. Yes I was in grade 10 and I was dating a college student! I dated a trekkie computer tech, at this time I had no interest in either computer talk or Star Trek Talk. The night I asked him out (yes I asked) he was on his way to see a Star Trek movie. He never convinced me to ever like Star Trek, so he FAILED! I’m sure he would be happy to know that I am now a proud Trekkie. I met some new friends in grade 10, the General heckling commenced and I got dissed by Nathan Horton who is now famous. Yes that’s right I attended high School with a celebrity. Not only did I attend High School with him he full out insulted me with the most uncreative insult EVER. AND I confronted him numerous times to inform him that he looked like the Grinch. This is a great memory though, as I got him in trouble and his friend felt so bad about the whole ordeal that he appologized. Nathan, however, just gave me the dirtiest look anyone has ever given me. Grade 10 was a year of dating, I dated another guy for a month but I was too crazy for him so I went out with my college Boyfriend again. I had many emotional hardships in 1oth grade, I was developing a major anxiety problem and I was a short little fuse. Grade 10 was pretty dark for the most part. As the days went on I got punkier and punkier until by the summer I was pretty much Goth.I remember being pulled aside by my art Teacher whom I had in 9th grade as well, she was wondering why I went from quiet and sweet in Grade nine to Loud and Punky in grade 10. I guess all it takes is a little influence by peers and of course a comfort zone. I was influenced by a group of trench coat wearing punk goths so my thoughts became dark and so did my choice in music.

Grade 11

The year I entered as a punk/goth. I had so may chains hanging off me I looked like a Christmas tree. I had wristbands up to my elbows on both arms, I had a spiked collar, I began wearing black eyeliner, My hair was darker, my music choice was darker as I had started to listen to Disturbed, Korn and Rob Zombie. But I wasn’t fooling anyone as I was still a sweetheart. Teachers adored me even though I looked like a freak. In 11th grade I became Teachers pet to 5 teachers. I also made it on the Honour roll that year so my academics were up. Two weeks into grade 11 I was asked out by one of the school’s “losers” and eventually I said yes. I went through some rough times as I was constantly getting made fun of for dating “Smelly Nick Goslin”. I tried to transform Nick into a punk so I dyed his hair black and spiked it, we then went to a club called “The Dungeon” which is in Oshawa, it was a place where other punks hung out and bands played. I felt free and happy at the Dungeon because I felt as if I fit in. I got the opportunity to have Oshawa Generals in some of my classes, some were smart and some not so much. The Gary V.S Mike Rants were loads of laughs (Thankyou Gary, you were a lifesaver!) Having ADHD Andre, a kid from Germany, in my art class was quite fun too. I’m convinced he was ADHD, there is no other explanation for his random outbursts of annoying people.

My best friend, Ash was finally in grade 9 that year and we really had a blast running amok in the halls. Grade 11 is a milestone as I went from shy to outgoing. I started to hang around the school at lunch and I even got addicted to the cafeteria. I was in love with poutine, garlic bread and those scrumptious cookies. Anyone who attened Henry knows how good those big chocolate chip cookies are…drool. Unfortunately this was the year that Ash and I got into a huge fight and were no longer friends. My heart was broken but I had to move on. Nick ended up being my best friend and I really began to love him a lot.

I even ended up trying out for a sports team, I joined the soccer team and attended many of the practices. I did not make the cut because I had aquired an injury (I pulled a leg muscle as I was trying to playfully kick Nick in the face) and I sucked durring try outs due to this injury, that and I am not athletic. But Hey I got to wear the dreadful uniform for a few days so it felt like I was part of a team. Ugliest Uniform EVER!

Grade 11 was full of all sorts of hardships and problems but the best memory is when Nick decided to give his life to Christ. We were both Christians trying to live by works and failing all the time but the point is that his adventure as a Christian began. We were Highschool students, we messed up so much it’s not even funny but I’m thankful for all the screw ups as I have learned so much from them.

Grade 12

Grade 12 was by far my favorite year. I’m sure it was everyone’s favorite year as there is nothing more magical than the final year in Highschool. And this is when knee high combat boots became a trademark for me, I still wear my combat boots to this day. I am also proud to say I still fit in all my Highschool wardrobe and still own half of it. I know, I know, I shoud probably let go of all my highschool clothes. I dressed in pretty much anything in grade 12 which probably confused many people so to all my class mates, I appologize for that confusion and I totally did it on purpose just for fun. This was the Highschool year where there was no hockey. The NHL lockout had occured (thank you Bettman) and I was totally lost without supporting my Leafs. I was a Toronto Maple Leaf fanatic in Highschool and one of my grad photos was of me wearing my oversized Leafs jersey. I involved myself in many extra curriculars this year as well. I was in the book club, the multicultural club, and this other club I like to call “Teachers Pet” club. Nick and I were Teacher’s pet with most of the faculty by this time. I was helpful and friendly and Nick fixes everyone’s computer problems. What would Mrs. Jeremy do without him? Mr. Osinga even liked him! Nick still fixes everyone’s computer issues to this day.

Grade 12 was loads of fun, we had a group of friends we chilled with on a daily basis. We hung out in the Library because That’s where all us cool awesome people hung out. The courtyard had also been opened that year for Grade 12 students only. We would go hang out in the courtyard at lunch all the time. People also stopped picking on Nick and they actually started to like him. AND Nick didn’t smell anymore.

And then of course there was prom night. June 3rd 2005, Nick got down on his knees and proposed to me. The proposal wasn’t a surprise but the standing ovation from the entire class was. People obviously had their doubts but Nick and I knew that we were ready to tie the knot as soon as we could. We didn’t care what everyone else thought we were on a mission and being both stubborn, we were going to succeed on this mission. We tied the knot two years later on July 11th 2007 and have been together ever since…also the marriage has been going uphill and it’s been pretty easy. It’s just that we get along so well. AND Nick got me to like Star Trek. He also made the mistake of introducing me to Dungeons and Dragons, I spent hundreds of dollars on D&D miniatures…but hey, better than shoes right?

Highschool was amazing. The staff was supportive and I’m proud to say HSHS has some of the best faculty. I have so many great memories of Highschool and I honestly miss being in school. But thanks to Facebook I can keep in touch with all my former classmates. So may people supported Nick and I through the last few years and I want to send out a HUGE thankyou! Henry STreet High School ROCKS! HAWKS FOREVER!


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