Hair Pulling good time!

Posted: May 12, 2011 in disaster

What in the HEAVENS was I thinking when I wrote out Birthday Invitations to ALL Aurora’s Classmates? I keep forgetting that I live in NORWOOD and not the city where many parents snub birthday parties unless they know you live in a nice house. In Norwood there is no snubbing, most parents are down to earth and seeing as how Norwood is a small town with the population of 4000 (Even though the sign says 1300) it’s hard to find good events happening. So while I expected maybe 3 kids from Aurora’s class to attend, the last minute RSVPs came in. 7 children from her class will be attending. 5 children from Church will be attending. 3 neighbourhood kids will be attending. Her 3 Aunties will be attending. This is 17 childen under the age of 12 who will be attending. This would be a breeze…if it wasn’t going to RAIN!

I’ve got 2 more days to prepare. The food is bought, the decorations will be put up Friday night, now I just have to smack my heads off a wall for all the Hard work I did OUTSIDE but NOT INSIDE! My Backyard is all clean, ready to hold multiple children. My house on the other hand…needs some rearanging If I’m going to host 17 children and 16 adults on Saturday! Can My house even hold that many people? Should I have a mud party and let kids go play in the mud outside? 5 year olds LOVE mud right? I’m thinking of what I can possibly do to entertain many active children! And what am I going to do with my psycho dog?

Well, got the bathroom nice and clean. Now I just have a Porch, Livingroom, Diningroom, kitchen, hallway, and a bedroom to clean. It will look nice, I will stare at my nice clean home in awe and then once Saturday afternoon rolls around…I will have a hair pulling of a good time. How much mess can 17 kids possibly make anyway? Looks like I may have to buy earplugs for all the adults. This is going to be a party to remember.


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