Geeking Out.

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Geek
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Now that the federal Canadian Elections are done I am back to more important matters such as Geeking out. I have focused less on nerdy things these past few weeks because I just couldn’t peel away from news about the elections. I could be geeky for that but I doubt it. So while all the colourful elections signs go away I am back to my normal nerdyness.

First on my Nerd agenda is to decorate the mirror in my bedroom with Hello Kitty Stickers. I consider Hello Kitty to be geeky. Hello Kitty is so cool that Wal Mart sells T-shirts for adults. Why? Some of us adults are brainwashed by Hello Kitty. I’m not sure why…I mean it’s such a simple kitty design that’s been around for ages, yet it’s so attractive. There are punky hello Kitty T-shirts out there. Every time I visit Walmart I am dragged away by my husband because I drool over the rack of T-shirts. Just recently my favorite Hello Kitty shirt was ruined because my dog ate it, so I am mourning the great loss. Today I found my Hello Kitty sticker book that I supposedly got for my Daughter but I ended up using it. I used it to decorate for my Hello Kitty themed 24th Birthday party and Today I just decorated a mirror in my Bedroom. It’s like a Hello Kitty disease. I never even like the colour pink before but thanks to Hello Kitty…I do. I guess I just don’t want to release a small part of my child hood…oh wait…I didn’t even like Hello Kitty in my childhood I started liking it once I turned 20 :O I’ve got nothing.

Second on my agenda is the epic line of summer geek gasm movies! Thor comes out THIS WEEKEND! And I have requested to go see it for Mother’s day. Unfortunately Mothers day will have to be delayed for me because my Husband is working on Mother’s day. I am VERY much looking forward to seeing Thor. Then next month “X-Men First Class” comes in to theaters. I am a HUGE X-men fan and I am anticipating this X-Men sequel. One of my favorite characters, Emma Frost, is going to be in this movie so I am super Psyched.  And Captain Jack Sparrow is returning to the Big screen (May 20th) with yet another Pirates of the Caribbean movie, everyone LOVES Johnny Depps awesome performance and if this is a movie ALL about him I am so totally there The Green Lantern will also be released in June…seriously this is going to be THE BEST summer EVAR! July will be another geekgasm month with the release of the conclusion of Harry Potter. This is great because I will be celebrating my 4th wedding anniversary (A few days late) by seeing this movie. I watched the trailer and had goosebumps. All I can say is Harry Potter in 3D? Drool! Captain America is also being released into theaters in July, I believe the DC comic universe is doing awesome right now by revamping many of the comics. Transformers: Dark side of the moon will be released in July, and honestly I don’t care if Megan Fox isn’t starring in it, she can’t even act anyway and I want to see Robots kick the crap out of other robots. Cowboys and Aliens is also being released at the end of July and I am looking forward to seeing that as well…here are a few other cool movies after July but as far as Geekgasms go May-July is going to be AWESOME!

In gaming news, I’m very excited for the news that a new Zelda game will be released this year. I can finally use my Wii again. The Wii has not been used for a while because I have been playing Xbox instead. Zelda: Skyward Sword will probably be released right before Christmas…we all know how Nintendo works right? In other news, I LOVE portal 2. It is better than the first. GLaDOS is even more wittier than the first Portal. There is no cake but she offers a wonderful surprise.

And finally in Pen, Paper and Dice Gaming news: I have started a D&D campaign with some friends who are new to the game. I am new to DMing so this works out perfectly. I am playing 3.5 edition because I’m Old school and hate 4th edition. I am totally willing to try Pathfinder as I enjoy the system. We are in a Faerun setting because  was too lazy to make my own world this time. My group has been having lots of fun so far so all is good. I am pleased to have introduced 2 new people to the land of the geek. The other RPG I am in is a Silver Age Sentinel RPG. Our DM has made a School campaign so our super hero characters are in a super hero school. I am playing the Son of Storm and this is my very first time as team leader. My Husband sucks at team leader because he likes to be reckless so  have more duties than normal. Seeing as how I can be ADD during game play this is good because I must pay attention to everything, even battle.Next month we will continue with the Zombie Apocalypse campaign and the Mekton Z battle Mecha campaign. I’m getting a bit of everything. Loads of fun!

So this concludes my geeky update. Looking forward to this summer, it’s going to be a great Summer. 😀


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