Fairy Tale Wedding

Posted: April 29, 2011 in random, Uncategorized
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Such a beautiful wedding. I didn’t wake up at 3am to watch the Royal wedding like everyone else did but I caught the hilights and did not miss the royal kiss. I love weddings. Weddings of all shapes and sizes. There is something magical about two people in love sacredly getting married. Marriage is a sacred even whether you are religious or not. With so many people opting to just remain Common Law partners weddings have become rare and many don’t last. I am hoping Catherine and William’s marriage will last. After all Kate did spend 8 years dealing with paparazzi so I believe she is ready for the role of Princess. Oh and I must add, I totally think that frowning kid in the royal kiss picture is down right adorable!

Kate and William fell in love, their marriage was not an arranged one. William didn’t have to select from a bunch of princesses that he probably didn’t click with. Kate was a commoner who had no ties to royalty and she caught Prince William’s eye. They even broke up once but William just couldn’t live with out her. True Love. William wanted to be certain that she could handle the royal life because as royalty there is less freedom and one was watch their every move. It isn’t like Canadian Politics where if the Prime Minister screws up people just go “Meh” and move on to the next scandal caused. No with Royalty there are crazy royal rules. They had a proper Bride and Groom Party, they had a long proper royal wedding ceremony, people wore crazy hats, They had a wedding party of royalty, they had to rehearse countless hours to make the wedding perfect, they had their royal kiss on the balcony and now Kate is Princess Catherine and can no longer be refered to as “Kate” anymore for it is not proper.

The wedding was beautiful. I particularily liked Kate’s decore choice for Westminister Abbey, she opted for some trees to make it garden like. What a way to bring out spring. Her dress looked great on her and it’s a modest dress too, not many women can pull this off. The Queen looked stunning in her yellow Wedding attire like usual. There were Millions of viewers and the Streets were jammed packed with royalty fans. You wouldn’t see this happening if a Prime Minister or a President were getting married. It was a gorgeous event and the clouds held on to the rain too.

Many gals dream of having a grande wedding like the Royal wedding. It is after all a girl’s biggest dream. Well most girls anyway, I know a few who wouldn’t care much for fancyness, me being one of them. I have had my fairy tale wedding already (And Plan on renewing vows in a Star Trek Vegas Chapel when ever we have the funds to do so lol) I have been to friend’s fairy tale weddings as well and all were just as magical as today’s Royal wedding.

Like Will and Kate, Nick and I met at school and we fell in love. I caught Nick’s eyes and he fell madly in Love with me. And Like Will took home Kate to visit his Mum, Nick did the same. I’m sure the Queen approved of Kate, Nick’s mom approved but probably shook her head at the fact her son fell madly in love with a Punk Princess. Oh I was a Princess alright, chains, wristbands, eye liner, black clothing, combat boots…I was a charmer. We got engaged in a Grand way just like Will and Kate, Nick proposed to me at Prom. It was a magical moment even if half the class was faking their happiness for us. I Understand, they had their doubts. And we even arrived in Royal style too…a Limo! Ooooo. We didn’t immediately make preparations for our wedding like Will and Kate did though. We waited a bit. Actually we wanted to get married ASAP but everyone refused to marry us as they thought we were too young. Instead of a Marriage on Nick’s 18th Birthday he got news he was going to be a daddy, no worries we planned that too…long story. It wasn’t until I had found the perfect dress for the bargain of $150 that we began to make preparations.

We had our Pre Marriage party like Will and Kate did but ours involved crazy friends, a pool and tiki torches. We had a Jack and Jill BBQ in our friend’s backyard. Our Bridesmaids and Groomsmen consisted of: Maid of Honour; Jen. Bridesmaids; Danielle my BFF, Kourtnie an awesome highschool friend since 10th grade and Jess my sister in Law. Man oh Honour; Scott our bestest guy friend, Jared and Dan were the Groomsmen. WE had a fairy tale theme as well…actually we had a FAIRY theme. If I had it my way it would have been a Star Wars wedding but I didn’t have my way. We had 50 guests on our big day. That’s small compared to the Millions who watched in awe as Kate and Will got married, but those 50 people were awesome. We had a short beautiful ceremony, we kissed, we signed some papers, we went to take pics while the food got set up, came back, ate, had a people do some speeches, cut the cake, attacked Nick with the cake, threw the flowers and the garter, and then had a dance. Hampster Dance played 6 times…yes I did, I had it on my play list…for the kids of course. After all was done we all headed to the AMC theater up the road in style (Back of a Pick up truck waving like a royal couple to all the spectators) we entered said theater and watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. What a day, what a fairy tale.

And I’ve been to other fairy tale weddings. My Sister’s wedding was the first one I have ever attended and I was a Bridesmaid. My friend’s Matt and Selena got married at Town Hall and even though it was  small wedding it was hoestly a fairy tale wedding nd I don’t think they’d ever take it back in exchange for a large one. This was two people in Love wanting to spend their lives together. It was beautiful. Nick and I helped out at our friend’s Joel and Ally’s wedding, they got married in a movie theater because that’s where they had first met. (Hmph and Nick wouldn’t give me my star Wars wedding…grumble…) All these Couples and many more couples around the world celebrate marriage and when one gets married it is a beautiful and sacred thing. Every time I hear of a wedding I am over joyes because Weddings are Awesomesauce. Pain in the butt to organize but still Awesomesauce in the end.

Best and Happy blessings to William and Catherine. A wedding well done and well deserved.


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