Why Christianity?

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Faith
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There are people who claim that all religion is flawed but there are good values in all of them so it doesn’t really matter what you believe in it is good. I disagree…while many of the religions have flaws the only flaw I have found in the Bible is those who follow the Bible. The Faith itself is perfect but the people are not. Christianity can be called a religion but what it really is meant to be is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
Here are some reasons why I follow the Bible: (The perfections I have found)

1. What is written in ancient times is still perfect today. You can apply all the guidelines to today’s culture. In fact you can apply the Bible in any culture. Many religions no longer exist because the doctrine just doesn’t work with the changing times.

2. The Bible is Clear. It isn’t confusing at all and to top it all off it can be translated into any language. It is said that in order to fully understand the Qur’an you have to be fluent in Arabic. The writings of Buddha, The book of Mormons, Scientology(That one makes zero sense), Zoroaster, Baha’u’llah etc are quite confusing. The writings in those scrolls or books were meant to be interpreted by scholars of the religion. The Bible can be understood by anyone!

3. The Bible has Brevity (It is to the point, brief). God spoke to people in a way they’d understand. Jesus spoke so all would understand and the gospels are to the point. The only confusing book in the bible is the book of Revelations. The rest of it is to the point.

4. The Bible is not whitewashed. One amazing thing about the Bible is there is bad with the good. The Bible leaves nothing out. King David sinned, Job, Jonah, actually pretty much every man in the Bible had flaws. Why? Because Humans are not perfect. Humans in power tend to whitewash facts or hide their flaws but we all know how well that works.

5. The Bible can be checked by the means of Historical, Scientific, mathematical, psychological, and medicinal facts. When apparent errors are seen in the Bible they are carefully examined and the translation of the ancient language removes that error. Yes we know the earth is old and the Bible is written in such a way that it actually supports that fact. Catholics still believe the world is only 30 thousand years old but Christians have been working with science and science has been proving the Bible to be factual and not fictional. The Bible mentions miracles as non scientific events that can’t be understood by humans. God even says we won’t be able to comprehend certain things. The Bible is very much Scientfic and historically accurate. Take a look at the Buddhist belief of the world resting on the back of a giant turtle…now that is something quite silly.

6.The Bible has an ideal system design. If you look at the stuff written in the New testament it is quite obvious that it is all good. What would the world be like if every person followed the ten commandments, returned good for evil, loved everyone, walked the extra mile for people and strived for peace with all men? That’s what the Bible teaches and people are against it? Now look at the Qur’an 2:194 “Anyone who attacketh you, attack him in a manner as he attacked you.” Mind you most muslims do not interpret Muhammed’s commands as being physical but he did happen to practice war, be a military leader and build his nation by means of war and this is a huge contrast to Jesus hanging on the cross saying “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:22)

7. The Fruit of Christianity is evident. How many Muslim, atheist and Buddhist hospitals are there out in the world even in places where the belief is dominant? Not many. Now how many Christian Hospitals are there? Exactly. St. whoever’s Hospital. Also note homeless shelters, missionary groups, children societies, women shelters etc are mainly Christian based (There are non religious organizations as well). Christians make up the majority of Missionaries in the world. Why? Because they follow what Jesus teaches!  They WANT to go out and help others and most will say they are doing so because they WANT to not because they were told to. So if Christianity is so wrong take a look at all the good people are doing. Stop looking at the fact another Priest molested a boy…anyone can take the Christian title and do harm just like anyone can take any other title and commit stupidity. It’s quite obvious the KKK and the Crusaders were NOT following their scripture properly. If you put the Bible in the wrong hands chaos can happen and through out history it certainly has.

8. The Bible is for EVERYONE. Any race, culture location. Everyone. Young and old. What other religion is Evangelical? You don’t see too many Buddhists promoting Buddhism in air ports, you don’t see Muslims approaching North American people and saying “Oh come to the mosque.” You don’t see Jews inviting non Jews to the Synagogue very often. Wiccans don’t allow children to be wiccan. Other than Atheism which technically is a religion in itself…Christianity s the only one for EVERYBODY.

So why do I choose Christianity? Because it’s perfect, for everyone, the values are amazing, the Bible makes sense and I have never had more peace in my life since I accepted God’s grace. I don’t just apply the message and read the message. I live the message and I believe it all. ❤ And I am loving it. And I will share this with everyone who wants it. I am not ashamed of the Gospel and I don’t care how many people call me a loser or a fool over this. I’m so happy with my growing relationship with God. The Bible is not about rules it is a bout relationship and there isn’t a greater feeling in the world.


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