The 10 Melaleuca Products I can’t live without!

Posted: April 15, 2011 in random, Uncategorized
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I signed up with the Meleleuca company in 2008 mainly because I absolutely LOVE their product. Many people can make a business out of this by getting others to sign up but I have not bothered to try pushing anyone to sign up. A Loyal Customer, however, does get 40% off everything but they have to spend an amount of product points (Essentially $110 a month) to get this deal. I spend those points each month so I found it benificial to sign up.

Meleleuca is a wellness Loyalty company. All of their products are natural, environmentally friendly and cost effective. The most popular product is the laundry detergent as it is very concentrated, a small bottle does 96 loads AND it’s phosphate free. The company started with their Laundry formula and over the years it got better. All of their cleaners are free of harsh chemicals, and they work. They carry cosmetics, hair care, dental care, soap, candles, vitamins, suppliments, cleaning products, bath products, pet products etc all of which are Eco friendly and good for your health.

I personally use Melaleuca products and I love to buy them as gifts for friends because they are so good. I will also order for friends who do not wish to sign up. So here are my absolute favorites:

1. Body Satin Cleanser and Toner. I have tried other toners and they felt greasy on my face and if I ever got it in my eyes it stung really bad. I have used Mela Cleanser and Toner as a facial wash and it refreshes my face, does not irritae my eyes and best of all removes dirt and makeup. The Toner gives my face a nice glow so I use this product pretty much daily. It smells really nice too. I can not stand drug store toners that smell like chemicals so I will not purchase them. At the regular customer price (Not Loyal customer price) this product costs less than most high end Drug store cleansers and I can guarantee this one works and feels better.

2. Renew Hand Cream better than Aveno, Nevea, other high end creams. This cream reduces dry skin and it does not feel greasy after application. It has a nice neutal smell that both men and women can enjoy. This is a very popular product and I have ordered it many times for friends and family. The cream lasts a long time as you do not have to use a lot of it. I have used it as a body cream and face cream on those days where my skin is sensitive to perfumed creams. It’s perfect for sensitive skin.

3. Mela Power Laundry Detergent 1.42L does 96 loads of laundry…this is assuming you don’t use too much in your laundry. Most people are used to putting in a big cap full of detergent but all you need is a single pump for large loads. I know, people get skeptical and think “There is no way that little amount will clean my clothing.” But it does. And it makes clothing smell great too. Use Mela Soft dryer sheets and voila, best smelling laundry EVER! And no harsh chemicals! If you get Sunlight concentrated in your mouth it will burn…I’ve gotten drops of Mela Power accidentally in my mouth and it didn’t burn. I can safely put this product directly on my skin and not get irritated. No other concentrated Detergent can do this. I have experimented. I’ve gotten some nice Eco friendly detergents but they were larger than this bottle and only did 40 loads.

4. Sol-U-Mel Can be diluted or used full strength. This stuff can remove nail polish and permanent marker at full strength. It can also remove paint so be careful when you use it on walls. My daughter got permanent marker all over the floor and Sol U mel removed it with ease. I used it full strength and did not have to use gloves. I have used this to remove marker off me. It is flamable because of a high alcohol content but other than that this stuff is awesome. When Diluted in a sprayer it can be used for everyday cleaning and it removes odour. This is the product I use to remove all those pet smells, nothing else has been able to reduce the scent of wet dog and mildew.

5. Sol U Guard Botanical Using the power of Thyme oil to kill bacteria. Skip Lysol and use this. I refuse to use Lysol as it has harsh chemicals and if it is ingested it causes health problems. Sol U guard can be sprayed directly on any surface to remove bacteria. It is safe for toys and pet toys. If an animal were to come in contact with Sol U Guard it would not harm them. If a Child were to put something in their mouth that was treated with this it would not harm them. It does not need to be wiped down either, just spray it and leave until it dries. It removes toilet odors nicely too.

6. Pain a Trate for those sore muscles. It has the same active ingredients as Rub A535 BUT has natural non medicinal ingredients. It doesn’t smell as harsh as Rub A535. It’s also not as greasy. It sooths pains nicely and I use it every time I have a leg cramp of back ache. The best part is I don’t smell like a stick of spearmint gum after even though Pain a Trate smells minty. I used Rub A535 a few times and honestly smelled like spearmint gum. I probably have a tube of Pain a Trate in every room of my house, that how much I love it.

7. Alloy body wash It’s a men’s body wash but bothy my husband and I use it. I order one pretty much every month because it smells great and feels great. I also use the Body Satin body washes which are women’s body wash but I like the freshness of Alloy.

8. Mela Magic Best cleaner ever and lasts forever. One little capful can clean a whole room. One capful in mop water will clean the entire floor. I used this all the time when I had a business and it made the floors nice and shiny. It gets tough grease spots at full strength but diluted it can be used for every day kitchen and bathroom cleaning. It also smells really nice. And again it’s environmentally safe and safe to use full strength without gloves.

9. Hand Soap Smells great, feels great…infact this is the BEST soap I have ever used on my hands. It has microbeads in it so it leaves hands soft and not feeling dried out. Did I mention they smell awesome? Highly recommended and I totally LOVE this soap!

10. Body Satin hand Cream For the Ladies. Smells really nice, feels really nice and I commonly gift this hand cream. Why do I gift this hand cream? Because it’s AWESOME! I carry it around everywhere I go. Chances are all my friends have experienced this hand cream because I have given it to them. I highly recommend it and I Loyally use this product. Great for sensitive skin as well.

There are so many more products I love. But there are those I just can’t live without. melaleuca is an amazing company and best of all, this stuff gets dropped off right at my door 🙂


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