Maru: The famous Cat from Japan

Posted: April 4, 2011 in random
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As a Cat Lady it’s only fair that I blog about cats. My cats are kind of boring so I have decided to write about my all time favorite cat. Maru. Maru is a cat who lives in Japan, he is a youtube sensation and you might recognize him from the famous yogurt box video. You know, that video of the fat cat going through an empty yogurt box and the pun is that the box says “Diet” on it? I have been watching Maru’s videos which are all so darn adorable. Maru is obsessed with boxes and putting his fat head in things such as paper bags and plastic containers. There are multiple videos out there of him gracefully jumping and leaping out of boxes, there is a video of the box that Maru is not able to enter and one where he tears apart a box. I don’t know what it is but cats are so darn amusing when they playfully leap about. Your dog can go on your furniture and you yell at them, your cats start leaping around on the furniture you stand there and go “Awww cute!” Your dog takes off running with an object it gets yelled at. Your cat runs off with an object and it’s cute. Cats just get away with Sooo much more than dogs. Perhaps they really do own us! Well most cats do, my cats are too stupid to own me.

I am just in love with Maru! He’s ADORABLE! He’s got quite the character! If you are ever having a bad day, watch Maru’s videos, they are sure to cheer you up.

So Now that you have been introduced to Maru, below are some epic cute Maru videos. Enjoy! Maybe one day I’ll blog about my furballs.

  1. Vina says:

    sooo cute cat…
    i have one like maru,but he love plastic bag much..

  2. I love this layed back, relaxed cool cat. He is a hoot and so fun to watch. He does love a tight fitting box, just his size. He is adorable

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