Don’t Kid Yourself! Your Vote Counts!

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

As you all know a Federal Election in Canada has been declared and Canada gets to vote on May 2nd. This gives the whole Month of April for Representatives and Party Leaders to campaign in hopes of gaining your vote. I have heard many people say that they are sick of elections and that their vote really doesn’t count anyways. This is not true, in fact it is people like you who refuse to vote who could in fact make a difference. Even if the party you support is the underdog, get out there May 2nd and VOTE! As for all you young people who couldn’t care less about Politics, start caring because it’s the person who gets elected Prime Minister that will determine your future. Do you even know what your future holds young ones? Rising oil prices, rising food prices, rising Hydro, the threat of recessions and depressions,  The Zombie apocalypse (Okay I made that last one up BUT you never know, It’s always good to prepare for anything.) All you elderly people out there VOTE because the future Prime Minister holds your future as well.

WE live in Canada where Voting is not only a right but a privilege! If you have not been paying attention to the news, countries like Egypt and Libya have been fighting for their right to VOTE and CHOOSE! Young people, old people, all sorts of people are out protesting and dying just to have the privilege that us Canadians have. Don’t scoff at your privileges, USE THEM and VOTE!

Now I know it’s very hard to keep track of which Politician is doing what and it’s annoying when all they do is attack one another but I have some advice. Don’t focus on the Party Leader, Focus on your local representatives. Find out who your reps are, read about them, pick up a local paper and watch the News. Actually pay a bit of attention to what they are all about. These people will represent your district, your city. They will make changes locally, changes that will benefit you and others in your community.

At first I was confused. I was bitter because I really disliked ALL the political Leaders. I was set on spoiling my vote. But then I began paying attention to everything. This is what i have learned: Ignatieff and Harper believe that they are the only two possible Prime Ministers. They Don’t think Layton has it in him to get enough votes. Layton has been sitting in the back ground watching the Harper/ Iggy train wreck take place. Layton has been focusing on meeting both Iggy’s and Harper’s broken promises such as more Doctors and better family support. Elizabeth May (Green Party) does not believe in Attack ads so at least her party isn’t wasting money on useless ads. I have also learned that my current MP has broken a lot of promises but he’s a nice guy and he’s always out and about. The Liberal MP for my district is in all honesty a tool, I actually had a conversation with her in 2008 and she told me that I NEED to vote Liberal because it was the only way to keep the Conservatives in a Minority Government, I voted NDP after ripping up the propaganda she handed me. Our NDP representative has a back ground of not only University Degrees but a back ground of multiple labor jobs, this is a guy who has had to work his butt off to get where he is today. He also supports Rick Mercer and is taking Rick Mercer’s advice and will be attempting to campaign to the 18-25 age bracket.

Maybe you won’t vote NDP like I am, but keep updated on what your local MPs are promising. Vote for your favorite local Candidate, keep updated on what’s going on in Parliament. This Elections don’t just sit at home whining about how your vote won’t count, get off your lazy butt, go to your designated polling station and VOTE!

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