Day Care Subsidy.

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

As you know the Canadian Federal elections are coming up soon (May 2nd) and one of the topics that interests me is Subsidized daycare. There used to be a lot of spots funded and now there are not so many. I was discussing with someone about this and they told me that “If you can’t afford to have a child, get them in day care then your an idiot and you should have used a condom. I hate all you stupid welfare parents.” Ooo ouch…well I have a little rebuttal for you my friend.

First of all, yes I had a child that we could barely afford. I guess I’m trash because I had a kid at the age of 19. I guess I should be looked down on by society because I became pregnant as a teen. I’m 24 years old, my husband and I OWN our house and both work to pay bills. We used to own a business (Bulk Food Store). When I could not get subsidized daycare, I brought my 3 year old daughter to work with me. 6 days a week she came to work with me. Am I a bad person because I took my child to work with me? No…other than the fact she overloaded on sugar and constantly pestered some customers to the point they actually had enough and called Children’s aid on me. Children’s aid has no problems with children being in a  work place so long as the work place is safe. The worst thing my daughter could do at our store is overdose on candy, heaven forbid she do that because it would be ME suffering for it, not her. In all honesty, I am glad I was rejected for Subsidy because I got to spend EVERY DAY with my daughter. My Daughter also Loved it there, in fact she still pesters me to get the store back. She preferred being at that store over being at home. I am not a bad mom for taking my kid to work I am a Brave Mom because not only did I have to work, I had to babysit as well. My Summer students and Co op students were a real blessing. Yeah I totally lost my business because I neglected it just to play out front with my daughter but you know what? My daughter is more important than my job. I now work from home and still have lots of time to spend with my daughter.

You know what? Anyone who tells me I should have been on the pill or used a condom is an idiot! Nick and I chose to have a kid (We’re special though so any teen reading this…Don’t do it. Not everyone will have the same outcome as us.) Aurora has brought joy into so many people’s lives, how can ANYONE say we should not have had her? People who say these things disgust me. I forgive you for it but you still disgust me. I’m NOT on welfare, My husband and I both work hard, we’re on top of our bills, Our daughter is in a loving home and in a very loving community. I believe, however, certain people should qualify for subsidized day care. There are loving parents out there who both work (Or single parents) and would LOVE to have their child in day care so that they may interact with other children and learn before going to school. Day Care really does make a difference in education, they don’t call it Preschool for nothing. If someone is working their butts off to support their child I think they deserve a break. So I do hope there are more subsidized spots available. Subsidy was a real blessing for my Mom in law who had 3 children in day care at the same time because she was a single mom who had a full time job. My mom in law is a very loving mom, is she trash because she took advantage of subsidy? No. So next time you trash things like Day Care subsidy and educational fundings, think again. Our children are the Future of Canada, they deserve a good education and a loving home environment.

Above pic: Aurora enjoying some frozen yogurt infront of the store.


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