The Husband who loves Mushy songs.

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

When It comes to love songs my husband and I are completely opposite on the type of Lovesongs we dedicate to one another. Normally girls tend to find the mushy cute love songs and guys go more for the upbeat not so soft songs. It’s not everyday that a guy will willingly listen to Taylor Swift and dedicate it to his girlfriend. You see, I’m facing an odd dilema here because my Husband listens to really mushy girlie songs ALL THE TIME! No seriously I’ve caught him singing Ke$ha, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry…it’s actually quite disturbing really. And I have talked to him about this too…I guess he just likes the mushy songs. However he questions my taste in music. My MP3 player is filled with his mush songs and my hard core rock songs. I sometimes find myself giving in to mush songs (Because I adore Carrie Underwood!) but for the most part I like songs with LOTS of bass! I don’t think there is anything wrong with Nick Dedicating Mushy songs to me (It’s so sweet!) and I don’t think there is anythiong wrong with me finding emo rock love songs to dedicate to him.

Skillet: Comatose is one of the many songs I have dedicated to my wonderful Husband.

Taylor Swift: Mine is one of the many songs that Nick dedicates to me…

So either I am awesome for listening to epic cool songs OR a lot of girls are jealous because my husband has emotion. Yes Nick does cry durring emotional parts in movies and yes I laugh at him. Love you Nick! 😀 I’m blessed to have a man who is filled with so much love and compassion for me. And I think he’s blessed to have me too…as comic relief!

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