Wolf Creek Equestrian Winter Schooling Series.

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

It was a beautiful sunny day at Wolf Creek Equestrian Center in Marmora Ontario. March 27th was the last day of a three part horse schooling series. Lots of people came out to take part and to Participate. I got the opportunity to participate in showmanship, I got some great tips from the Judge so that I will be set for the next Schooling series. My Husband Nick and I were also there as Canteen Volunteers and I got to take some nice pictures (I want to thank Chey for helping take photos with my camera, she snapped most of the Western Pictures).

There was a great turn out for the Showmanship class. I took part (I’m number 16 and the horse I’m showing is being quite stubborn). I have little experience with horses in general, I have always wanted to ride horses and be around them because they are just magnificent animals. I took part in all three shows with Satin. The First show she was amazing but I was not, I was not told I was supposed to move with the judge when presenting the horse. The second show Satin was overly excited, she really wanted to greet the other horses and she gave me a hard time. I ended up distracted and I went on the wrong side of the pilons and then she did not want to stand still for the judge. And the Last show she was calmer, I was happy but she would not stand still for the judge and at the end when we all lined up in front of the judge she started to become restless (Thus her turning around). She waited until the last moment to get tempermental. I learned alot. I belive you learn more when you take a difficult horse into a show. I want to thank Grandma Nancy for giving me the honours to take her horse into the showmanship class.

Even children as young as 6 years old took part. For the lead line class there was an English rider (My sister Crystal) and a Western Rider. The kids are supposed to be able to control the horse and the person leading is there as a safe guard. Both kids did amazing jobs. This is one of the wonderful things about horses I have learned, It seems they are more laid back and obedient when small kids are on their backs than when an adult rider is. Horses can sense each riders mood and it can make a difference. Sweets is the horse Crystal rode, she’s absolutely amazing. Sweets will adapt to pretty much any rider which makes her a very ideal horse to give lessons on.

The Judges gave excellent tips to everyone who was competing. All the riders were experienced riders but they brought their inexperienced horses to the show.  The Schooling Series allows horses to get used to interacting with other horses in different environments. It’s also a very fun experience for everyone. We watched some horses get better over the series. One Horse came to the first show just full of energy and he was jumping all over the place, by the last show he was alot calmer, it was nice to see horses improve.

There were horses of all colours and breeds at the show.

Here’s Nancy and Satin getting some tips from the judge.

Riders were loving the nice weather, it was cool enough that the ground was hard and warm enough to ride outside. Everyone got in plenty of extra practice.

Jen and Orion doing their jumps. Orion did an amazing job, Jen was a little nervous because Orion has very little experience jumping but he jumped every single jump without problem.

Lots of participants in the English Division.

The Western Class had a great turn out as well. Horse and rider took part in the trail competition where they go through an obstacle corse, they did barrel races and of course showed off how well they walk and trot. Everyone had a wonderful time.

And since it was the last show in the series the Trophies were presented! Those who had accumulated the most points in each class were presented with a nice shiny trophy! Everyone was full of smiles and are looking forward to another schooling series. There will hopefully be one organized for the Summer so stay tuned. Nick and I will be back to run the canteen except this time it’ll be a BBQ and Nick is an AMAZING BBQ chef! I’ll be back in showmanship, I’m still deciding on which horse to show. I had a blast and look forward to getting more practice and tips. It was great meeting all sorts of people and sharing hints and tips! The Winter Schooling series was a big success. Special thanks to the judges, announcer, volunteers, those who helped spread the word and all the sponsors for making this all possible. I am looking forward to a brand new learning experience, and who knows, maybe I’ll even learn to ride by summer time.

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