My new Job, the experiences and the “fun” stuff.

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

People seem to be curious about my new job. Now I can’t give out too much info because I think there’s a confidentiality issue but I will explain my experiences with my new job. I work for an online conference center as an operator. I call in to a number and listen to music (Repetitive elevator music) until I get a call, when I get a call I follow instructions that pop up and I connect the caller or troubleshoot problems such as someone calling in to a conference too early or late. I deal with a lot of large companies too which is quite cool. The first shift that I did was taking calls for a very large company, people from Google, banks, big name companies called in and I connected them. I take a lot of calls from hospitals listening in to a health conference, I have taken callers from Universities and even some production Studios. The job can be pretty easy at times but when technical issues occur it can get overwhelming.

I work from home, I only get about 4-8 hours a week but it’s something and I still have my schedule free for evenings and weekends. I’m hoping to get a job at the Italian Restaurant in town come May, I used to work for the previous owners and I absolutely LOVED the job. Today I had a 2 hour shift with my conferencing job. The first half hour was easy, I connected everyone with no issues .The Spy caller: Then I got a caller who was deceiving and I just was not expecting it. The Guy called in, he was not registered with the conference and he was really rushing me by saying “I am missing a lot of important info, I got disconnected, reconnect me.” Little did I know he was not allowed to be in that conference because he is known by the people who are running the conference. I followed the instructions for Unregistered callers and let him in. He was rejected by another Operator yet he called back in anyway and got me on the line. I had not read the other operator’s IM to the company because they had privately sent it to the moderator (Person who runs the conference/makes sure everyone is in etc). So I let him in, he got booted out and he called back irate. I was about to ask for help, he again rushed me and threatened me and started to call me slow. Went on and on about how “This has never happened before, I am a regular customer.” So I assumed he was getting disconnected because he was using speaker phone so I re connected him and got in trouble for it. (Constructive Critisism…can’t learn without it). I was told that it was rare to have people like this call but of course Murphy’s law states that I won’t have it easy my first few shifts.

All in all  have a lot of fun working. The people I get as callers are so friendly! I’ve been complimented by two callers YAY 😀 The funniest thing that has happened was I was told to get to the point while I was reading a loooong intro title for the conference. I have had one international caller I totally could not hear very well and was tempted to tell him to scream. I sometimes call out to bring speakers into the conference, and I have experienced many shifts that have technical difficulties. But the fun shifts are when I’m thrown on as an operator just in case there’s a caller and I get no callers the entire shift. I still get paid to sit there listening to music…that dreadful repetitive music that all the employees just adore.  I love this small job, it’s a new experience

  1. Ringo says:

    hommo!!! hahaha! I want a blog thingy like this!!! 😀 I shall be getsing one sooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn miss disaster 😛

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