In honour of Heroes

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today, Thousands of people packed a small town to attend a funeral for two fallen heroes. These Men, who were volunteers, died while fighting a blaze in Listowel Ontario. They ran into the store believing people were possibly trapped inside, when they entered the roof collapsed on them. A small community is devastated, many people from all places are saddened by the loss of two great Heroes. These men were loved by many and respected by many. They are true heroes,  they put their lives on the lines day and night because they loved people and they wanted to help people. Every day Thousands of fire fighters, policemen, troops etc risk their lives. Why do they do it? They do it not to go down in history but because they love what they do. This is the meaning of a true hero.

Small communities tend to be more in shock. I live in a very small town and when someone gets hurt or something happens to someone chances are most of the town knows who they are. Shop keepers probably saw these brave men all the time, school children probably got to meet these heroes. In my town pretty much everyone knows who the firefighters, Policemen and EMS workers and volunteers are. If something were to happen the whole town would be devastated. I feel for the Towns of Listowel and Atwood even though I have never met those brave fire fighters.

It is good to know that so many people showed their respects either by attending the funeral, writing a facebook status, Tweeting or watching the news. Many people had pasted the following status on Facebook, people who don’t even know these two brave men:

“Asking if everyone would post this as their status for at least an hour in memory of the 2 firefighters who have lost their lives trying to keep our community safe.
Our thoughts and prayers are with your families and loved ones during this very difficult time. Rest in peace Ray Walter and Ken Rea♥”

Today I pray for the families and friends of these men. They leave behind wives, children and so many family members and friends who loved them so much. I pray for families and friends who have had to suffer the loss of a loved one hero or not. Anyone who makes a difference in the lives of a community or others truly is a hero. I dedicate the Song “Hero” By Skillet to the two heroes that fell and to all the heroes who have fallen in the line of duty.

Thank you Ray and Ken for being true Heroes. ❤


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