Mr. Melborne A Poem by: Scott Bremner

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Mr. Melbourne

Mr. Melbourne decided to seek his dreams long before the seas poured ink on his refrigerator magnets.

Up and facing a daze the bees cheered him on as a man named Eastwood told him of the vectors that all would channel when the evaporated trail saw whatever it was meant too.

A haze of blue appeared and seeing this as an angelic day sent down an ax made of candy while zero hour approached without its friend’s brandy. A gift was given as the Sky above played on with Time. A raindrop fell before a Friendship swell that rose above the broken path.

Shooting stars and comets advised the Azure in times of distress. It pondered it’s own expedition as ghosts came and went with the tides, and side streets came alive at once with offerings of sustainable materials that developed their own conclusions as others stood unmoving.

Mr. Melbourne trekked in forward motion.

His beliefs ever altered. Lighting jolted his memory, powered his resolve. He was undergoing a new test and though it’s purpose was a solid mystery- Sun and Sky cheered, sending him raindrops along his way to seek new passage.

While the Sky blackened with uncertainty.

By: Scott Bremner


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